Did the finale just suck, or was it just me?

Please tell me I’m not alone on this. That finale was majorly disappointing to me (and not just because Amon wasn’t who I thought he was).

A couple reasons:


I hope I’m not the only one who thinks Amon’s character has been permanently ruined. First of all, the backstory was lame. Looking back, it’s plain to see the creators have been hinting at this since the beginning of Korra’s flashback/hallucinations, which makes it even more disappointing , knowing the creators had been planning this . It just doesn’t feel right to me. All of the anger that Noatak had been harboring over the years doesn’t fit Amon’s cool and calm demeanor (up until the end that is.)

Amon defeated by Korra
Not only that, but they didn’t even finish the guy’s story. They gave us no clue as to how he takes away bending except that he does it with bloodbending.

I’ve begun to notice a pattern. Every single villain in the series is completely insane or at least partiality insane. From Azula to Ozai, Commander Zhao to Long Feng, every single antagonist has either been mad with power, mad for power, just plain mad. Why do they feel the need to do this? Is it on purpose? Amon (or should I say, Noatak) is clearly going quite nuts nearing the end of his downfall (reminds you of Azula, doesn’t it?)

Iroh, Bolin, and Asami

Granted, this is a smaller reason. These three did next to nothing in the episode. Iroh helped bring down some planes and Asami captured her father, other than that they were worthless (besides, those planes wouldn’t have been going anywhere if not for Iroh, so he might as well have not shown up at all!)

Bolin and Asami
This is because the creators were so intent on finishing their big “Makorra” relationship. Mako and Korra got all the screen time (not just in this episode, but throughout the whole series), and Bolin and Asami never become developed as characters.

At the end of the episode, Mako and Korra hook up and Bolin and Asami don’t seem to care at all. What happened to all that jealously?

Restoring Bending

Aang restores Korra's bending
I know this is something everyone wanted to happen, and I can’t say I was angry when Lin and Korra got their bending back but, seriously? Of everything that might have happened in this episode, this was the one thing I was sure wouldn’t. It just seems too cliché.

The Equalists

Amon's mask
My final point, and my most important. When Amon is revealed to be a fake everyone is shocked. But they all seem to be thinking “Oh no! It was a bender that told us to hate benders! I guess because he was a bender, we shouldn’t believe him. Let’s not hate benders!” (there’s a paradox for ya)

I know that not a lot of time was spent on the equalists, so we don’t really know what they’re thinking. But hopefully, they still want equality, and if the creators don’t address that in the following season I will be sincerely disappointed.

EDIT: Tarrlok

One more thing I wanted to add after reading through all the comments. One part of the Finale that I didn’t like and forgot to mention was Tarrlok’s suicide. Now, this was a somewhat touching moment (and it conveniently killed off both of this season’s villains), but in my opinion it messed up Tarrlok’s character. In fact, the whole finale messed up Tarrlok’s character.

Death of Noatak and Tarrlok
As a child, Tarrlok was weak, he was verbally abused by his father and overshadowed by his talented brother. At one point he says “I never want to hurt anybody ever again!”

Now, I know some people change a lot as they grow from child to adult. But how come Tarrlok grows from this weak little boy to this conceited, manipulative, sinister man?


Thank you for listening to my little rant. If you enjoyed the finale, I’m glad you did. All things considered, it was still a decent ending. If you didn’t enjoy the finale, well, good, I’ve got some company.

Either way, leave some feedback below. Thanks!

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