Hello all. Today, and every Sunday from here on out ( Unless I am unable to complete due to complications ), I will present the list of topics to be discussed. Then, I will leave a comment and voting may begin on which topic will be discussed and I will put forth the blog on Monday. Then, Saturday will be the final day and I will leave voting and commenting open, but my focus will switch to new voting and new topics. This way, it will be fair.

So, basic run-down:

  • SUNDAY will be the official voting on topics to be discussed day.
  • MONDAY will be the official discussion day.
  • MONDAY - SATURDAY I will give input and attempt to moderate conversations.
  • FOLLOWING SUNDAY: New voting begins.


I will leave the first comment, and from then each user has 1 vote that they must simply type who they are voting for. To avoid sabotage, ANON users votes will not be counted. I will tally the votes at the end of the night and record them on the actual blog. That way, the decision isn't made by me but rather in a democratic way: Its up to the users who we will discuss first. This I feel is the fairest way. When the new voting comes out next Sunday, I will put a strike-through to the already discussed characters. However, if you feel you would like a topic added, please visit my User Talk Page and make your recommendation there. That way, it will avoid flooding and bickering on the actual page. Also, voting will last 12 hours: From original posting of the blog, and 12 hours from that.


For this round, voting ends at 5:20AM Central Standard Time in the USA.


  • Main Characters: Aang / Katara / Sokka / Toph / Suki / Zuko / Azula / Mai / Ty Lee / Ozai / Ursa / Iroh / Azulon / Sozin
  • Supporting Characters: Gyatso / Pathik / Pakku / Yue / Hakoda / Bato / Bumi / Kuei / Kyoshi Warriors / Piando / Jeong Jeong / Lu Ten / June / Jet / Longshot / Smellerbee / The Duke / Pipsqueak / The Boulder / Hippo / Xin Fu / Yu
  • Pertinent Characters: Roku / Kyoshi / Kuruk / Yang Chen / Zhao / Combustion Man / Chin The Conqueror / Long Feng / Joo Dee
  • Organizations: Yu Yan Archers / Rough Rhinos / Dai Li / Order of the White Lotus / Sand Benders
  • Animals: Appa / Momo / Nyla / Fang / Ran and Shao / Eel Hound / The Lion Turtle
  • Concepts: Fire Bending / Air Bending / Water Bending / Earth Bending / Sub Bending of Fire Bending / Sub Bending of Air Bending / Sub Bending of Water Bending / Sub Bending of Earth Bending / Weapon Arts / Martial Arts / Chi Blocking
  • Locales: Fire Nation / Air Temples / Earth Kingdom / Water Tribes

Well, I am going to leave it at that because from these topics, many of the sub categories within them will allow expansions. ( For example, if Roku is discussed Ta Min would be included in his discussion. If Katara or Sokka is discussed, Gran Gran will be included, etc. etc. ) The Locales options also include the Nation as itself and how it is ran, that means it will include its laws, ethics, etc. etc. That way, there isn't too many options and leaves many topics to be fully expanded on ( If there's too many categories topics may become bland ).

Here is the link to the original blog this started from: Prince Azula's Coffee Talk 1.00 *PLEASE READ GUYS*

Voting is CLOSED!

Winner: Air Nomads

Discussion: Prince Azula's Coffee Talk: Air Nomads

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