As an avid Avatar: The Last Airbender fan, I must admit the series is not exactly perfect.

ATLA FCBD 2011 Cover Page

I do not want to list every flaw I notice, but I do want to start with this:

- The circumferential story-telling is redundant.

For those who do not know what circumferential story-telling is, it is a form of rhetoric that inspires an audience to fulfill the epithemine (or conclusion) through the end as a reflection to the start. This element is present in every season, on every major event:
- Episode 1: The Boy in the Iceberg; Episode 61: Avatar Aang
- In Season 1, Aang is the superior Waterbender at the expense of Katara's jealousy. In Season 1's conlcusion, Katara is a Waterbending Master while Aang is not.
- In Season 1, Zhao's destiny is to, "destroy the Moon," but in the season's conclusion, he loses his life to the Moon's counterpart, the Water Spirit.
- In Season 1, Zuko's story revolves around the capture of the Avatar, in the season's conclusion he is the party's captive.
- In Season 1, Zuko attacks Team Avatar, in the season's conclusion, Team Avatar saves Zuko.
- In Season 2, Zuko and Iroh let go of their past through the action of their Fire Nation hair styles flow down the river with ease, in the season's conclusion Aang struggles with the concept of his earthly attachments "flow down the river."
- In Season 2, Zuko sets on a new path, only to be back where he has began in the season's conclusion.
- In Season 2, Azula fails her first mission and succeeds in the season's final mission.
- In the introduction of Katara and Azula, Katara is a a novice in Waterbending who demonstrates her extreme Waterbending capability through the defeat of Azula (a Firebending Master) in the series finale. This does the opposite with Azula. Azula's introduction is that she is a Firebending prodigy, yet she loses to the hands of a Waterbender in the series finale.
- Zuko and Azula's "Final Agni Kai" is a reflection of their initial battle in The Avatar State. In The Avatar State, Zuko attacks Azula in an emotional outburst and loses to her, in which she reaches a defeat at the hands of Zuko's aid. In the "Final Agni Kai," Azula attacks Zuko in an emotional outburst, and succeeds in his defeat, but then loses to his aid. The details of the two battles are also a reinactment: Zuko loses his breath in the initial battle, Azula loses her breath in the final. In the initial battle, Azula fails in the attempt to strike Zuko with lightning, in the final she succeeds.

The list I generate is the obvious examples, but there are many more. Do not get me wrong, Avatar: The Last Airbender's story is one of the best on Nickelodeon. However, my complaint is in the execution of it. There are a plethora of other story-telling techniques they could consider.

So my question to you is: What flaws do you notice?

Prince Azula Firelordazula signature 23:37, October 15, 2011 (UTC)

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