• Prince Azula

    As an avid Avatar: The Last Airbender fan, I must admit the series is not exactly perfect.

    I do not want to list every flaw I notice, but I do want to start with this:

    - The circumferential story-telling is redundant.

    For those who do not know what circumferential story-telling is, it is a form of rhetoric that inspires an audience to fulfill the epithemine (or conclusion) through the end as a reflection to the start. This element is present in every season, on every major event:
    - Episode 1: The Boy in the Iceberg; Episode 61: Avatar Aang
    - In Season 1, Aang is the superior Waterbender at the expense of Katara's jealousy. In Season 1's conlcusion, Katara is a Waterbending Master while Aang is not.
    - In Season 1, Zhao's destiny is to, "destroy th…

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  • Prince Azula

    The Avatar Comic, Avatar: The Last Airbender; Free Comic Book Day, was releaased today. I am writing this blog to communicate the bulk of the stories to the Avatar Wikia community. The reason for this blog is to allow those who were unable to obtain the limited copy release to experience what Dark Horse has to offer to Avatar: The Last Airbender's fanbase.

    The Avatar: The Last Airbender; Free Comic Book Day is a comic published by the famous, and one of my personal favorite publishers, Dark Horse. Dark Horse's credibility includes works from household entertainment developers such as SQUARE ENIX, and their well-known titles such as Final Fantasy. Knowing this, I expected quality and good imagery for the stories to be shared with this free publicat…

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  • Prince Azula

    Katara should of have said this:



    Preferably fighting Ty Lee in a mud pit.

    Or to Azula:

    Mae Whitman is just so cool. Katara's lucky. :3

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  • Prince Azula

    Vulmen is an administrator.

    Kaizuh has a cult.

    Courage is still around ( I hope ).

    Ginga is Ginga.

    1837283627672 new users ( I went from #20 to #61... LOL ).

    Anything else I am missing?

    Ian, Explosions, Admiral, and Toph still around? Oh and Appa. That kid was fun!

    BTW... My life is dull. 21 credits this semester. :( Feel my pain my Avatar fans. Feel my pain.

    Prince Azula 11:00, February 1, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Prince Azula

    Yes my lovely Avatar friends, enemies, fanboys and fangirls. I do have a Christmas present for you all! A Christmas present that has taken me months to work on, while juggling that little thing we all have called, "life." I have a flight today, and then need to spend some time with my family, but keep your eyes peeled.

    I can't promise a release on Christmas Day, due to the popularity of the original Coffee Talk ( apparently the view count heavily surpassed the comments, and I found it linked to a couple fan made websites! Which was my Christmas present from Wikia -- that couldn't have been done without you! Thank you! ) I have to be cautious with the layout and content. Also, I am posing some questions to the administrators and have to wait…

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