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What are you? Water, Earth, Fire, or Air?

Good afternoon, Avatar Wiki! How's your day gone?

So, down to business. Now, if someone has already done this, tell me please. I don't want the blog deleted, though. I still want to try my own version.

OK, so what I'm talking about is that I will make a quiz. You guys will go through it. Then, tell me your results, I'll calculate it, and then give you your personal element!

Before I do so, I just wanted to tell you, I'm an Earthbender. According to my quiz, and 16 others. :D

The quiz won't be on this blog. I'm still working on it. I'll make another blog once I've finished, with the quiz.

And that is all, Avatar Wikians! Have a good Saturday!

-  Wings wallcontribs

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