Hi, everyone! So, Slash and I's idea has been growing in popularity, so I have created a guide and some info below. Go ahead, read it!


All you have to do is ask me or Agent Slash. Remember, there can only be 23 contributors. Sorry, but there is going to be a main character named Jian. She's like Katniss.

Adding Your Character

Once you have joined, you can, on the talk page, choose your favorite character from YOUR fanon. Then, once we have 23 contributors, we will begin writing.


For writing, we will first make a blog as a voting station. There, people can vote on who you think would really win in a fight. Then, after that, me and Slash will write up a chapter, the two fighters will write in their fights in the sections left open, then me and Slash will incorporate them and mix them together, and Poof! We got a chapter. :)

Also, at voting stations, you can also support. Look at the below section to see voting and support info.

In case your late, you can still contribute!

That's right! Before every fight, we will hold a voting and supporting station. Then we will incorporate it into the chapter. Whoever gets more votes wins. Remember, vote not because you like them mroe, but because you think they are more capable and think would win. Also, if you think someone needs more support, then, when he/she is out of battle, you can support them and depending on how many supports he/she gets, then they can get stuff. Here's and example:

Let's say Jian needs a knife, and she got 5 supports. This is what will happen in the chapter.

" Oh, and it looks like Jian needs something! What could it be, Ezagon?"

" Hmm... It looks like a knife! Give her a knife!" Ezagon replied.

Suddenly, a knife fell into Jian's hands. She smiled.

Get it? Here is a scoring system.

5 supports: Knife

10 supports: Bread and Water

15 supports: Tent

20 supports: Machete

25 supports: Bow

30 supports: Basket of Berries, Bread, Cheese, and Water

35 supports: Pistol

40 supports: Rifle

More will be added...

OK, thanks for reading! By the way, this is where we will take suggestions. Go ahead, suggest anything!

I will add more in the future.

If you can not find the home page, here is the link.

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