FOR FUN! Remember, this review was by me, and was accurate. Don't be offended if your fanon was pretty good, but didn't get high scores. :)

Hey guys!

Some of you may know that I'm running for a position on the FRS. Well, after doing my test review, I found that reviewing fanons is funner than I thought. So, I've decided to review the other fanon I was thinking of doing as a test review for fun. Here it is!

Pro-bending battle

Avatar Brek's Logo.

Overview: Avatar Brek is about the Avatar directly following Korra. The Avatar is, you guessed it, Brek. One day, on his 16th birthday, he is told he is the Avatar. Unfortunately, Brek has several problems on his hands. He and his friends, Kaeta and Berani, discover that a group known as the Isha want to eradicate all non-benders because of the Equalists. Brek finishes learning Earthbending, but then the Earth Kingdom breaks out in civil war. Following that, the Fire Nation is taken over by the Isha. And this is only the beginning of his problems. Onjing, the leader of the Isha, can bring back people from the dead with bending.

This fanon is definitely a must-read. OR has a creative tale that is definitely going places. There are a lot of fanons after Korra, such as mine, The Avatar's Story, but this one is very unique.

Onto the scores!


  • Story: Though a simple Avatar tale, it's creative, flows easily, and is heading places that most fanons don't. 9.6/10
  • Creativity: Very creative. Example? Kofaru a spirit that can bring back the dead. 9.5/10
  • Writing: High quality writing. Amazing. 9.5/10
  • Action: Some action can be quick, but it's epic if you really imagine it. 9.4/10
  • Reader Interest: He has suspense! That's enough for this one! 9.3/10
  • Believability: Believable. Obviously. 9.4/10

Average Score: 9.45

My Advice for OR: This fanon is amazing! No need to rush and get to House of Angkara, cause this fanon is awesome. Don't move along to fast, or it might be a little sloppy. Stay focused, and really think. Those are the things Lostris told me will get you Fanonbending status. Oh, and look! I nominated you for it! You've also been nominated for Featured Fanon. So, continue with what you are doing, and your fanon will be on of the top fanons.

What kind of people should read Avatar Brek: A:TLA Lovers :). But really, there is shippings, a big problem, action, jokes, etc. Just like A:TLA. So, if you are a fan of A:TLA, read this. I promise you'll enjoy it.

And that conludes my FOR FUN! Review! Thanks for reading! -PreservationsWings

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