Hey, Avatar Wiki.

Now, this might be strange, but lately, I've been nagging myself to make an entry blog, even though it is 3 months late.

So, I am. :)

For those of you who don't know me, my name is PreservationsWings. You can just call me Wings, though.

User rights? Rollback.

I immediately got involved in the fanon portal, starting my first fanon, The Avatar's Story. I got five chapters in when I decided I wanted to get some more practice.

So, I made Acquisition. This fanon, however, got pushed off when I got permission from Taddles to make a fanon based on her awesome idea of Avatar|Future. This fanon was titled, "The Hunter's Gem.

Now, I'm asking you, please keep up with The Hunter's Gem. Please. I'm putting a lot more effort into this one. I recently finished the prologue, but that was moved to be a later chapter. I am now making the first chapter instead.

So, please. Follow the fanon. Subscribe, maybe.

Now, back to myself.

Personality? I'm a fun-loving guy, likes joking around. I wish to be Taddles' successor (Which is probably never, ever going to happen. She is way to awesome.). Just a dream of mine. I wish to eventually make a succesful user group. I recently made the Knowledge Seekers User Group. This however, is probably gonna be deleted. This is probably for the better. Omar067 told me an idea for a user group, and I'm planning on going through with it once KS is deleted.

What makes me special? I don't know. I'm just a common place, undiscovered user. I have made a couple "lucky edits", have garnered up 2,187 edits, and have 27 badges, making me the 54th user on Avatar Wiki. I hope to eventually surpass The Bos (again, long in the future.) in points.

My allies? Everyone! However, for official, this is the list taken from my profile.

If you want to be added, message me! Please.

And if you want even more, just tell me, and I'll do so. :)

And I guess that's all. Thanks for reading!

-  Wings wallcontribs

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