Hi, guys! Because of Omashu Rock's Cool Ideas for Fanons blog, I've decided to pile up a couple ideas for users to look at. Go ahead, take any idea you want! Before you do though, tell me in the comments so that other users donn't take an idea that is already taken.

PS Thanks for the format idea, BM!

Idea 1

For my first idea, I'll take my idea that I posted at Omashu's blog. The idea was that since Aang discovered Energybending, the Avatar spirit naturally incorporated Energybending into it's cycle. The Avatar it is about would happen before Korra, and he/she would be an Energy bender. The cycle would be changed to this: Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Energy. This idea would have to be an AU, because it happens before Korra. But pretty much every fanon is and AU. Oh well! Below are some title suggestions.

  • The New Cycle
  • Avatar of Energy (My favorite title for this. Don't include this in the title!)
  • Emergence of Change
  • Renewed Cycle

Idea 2

Here is a interesting idea: What if a spirit somehow got a body? He/she finds out one day (I was thinking when he/she is around 18) that he/she is a spirit when he/she gets attacked and all the sudden he/she reacted with a inhuman power. I based this one on the Homunculi from Fullmetal Alchemist, where they each have a strange power and how they were artificially created. If you ahve seen Fullmetal Alchemist, I would suggest this one for you. Otherwise, you might want to see Fullmetal Alchemist (particularly the 2009 version) so you can familiarize with how I thought they should act. Title suggestions below:

  • The Human Spirit
  • Jiniteki (This is the japanese word for artificial. Don't include this in the title!)

Idea 3

How 'bout a group of people who hate the Avatar? Similiar to Jet's Freedom Fighters and their resentment towards the Fire Nation. Across the world are rumors of the Avatar being there, but they can never catch up with him, and most important, they still haven't seen him. They go to Kyoshi Island, see he isn't their, then leave. A couple days later, they hear he is at Kyoshi Island. They head back, and one of the people their say that the leader of the group is the Avatar. The group turns on him, and he is forced to run. Something to think about. Below are title suggestions.

  • Betrayal
  • Deception (My favorite title for this. Don't include this in the title!)

I hope that these ideas help you! Though there are just 3 right now, I will add more once some are taken. Come back later if you don't want any of these and there will most likely be new ideas.

Thanks for reading! -The Wings (talkTAS) 18:48, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

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