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Hello Avatar Wikians!

My second interview, right here!

Sorry that it is late again.

Personal stuff. Life. You know? And this was really important...

Anyways, here it is!

Starting Off

Me: Thanks for coming!

MibuWolf: Thanks for having me!

Question 1

Q: To start off, where did the idea of making Emblem of the Outlaw come from?

A: The idea started as an idea for an RP with some of my RPing mates, and as such I tried to make a world where there wasn't any clear main character, even though there was an Avatar; this concept carried through into the fanon, with some leaping around between several different plots all overlying similar to how there are several different people RPing different subplots at the same time. The modernized world I kinda just went with because I've always been most comfortable writing from experience (in today's day and age, I'm sure everyone can more comfortably write about things they see everyday than things they only see in A:TLA). As far as the main conflict, with bending illegal, I wanted to create a conflict that wasn't a cliche, as my original idea of having bending supremacists in contradiction of the Equalists of LOK, and this was a conflict that could allow people to RP as the "good guys" and the "bad guys" without the line of morality being too set in stone. Then, a couple of my friends quit RPing and the idea never really happened, and shortly after I discovered the Avatar wiki and Fanon portal. It just kinda made sense to transfer it into a Fanon after that.

Question 2

Q: What are you most proud of in Emblem of the Outlaw?

A: I'm most proud of the achievements it's received (Fanonbending and the Writing Award in the 2011 Review of the Year). I love my idea for the series, but I've never really been in love with how I've written it. I'm proud that despite this, people still enjoy reading it.

Question 3

Q: What do you wish to improve on?

A: Eh... There's a lot. But there's one thing in particular that I hope to improve upon in later writing: soul. I feel like a writer needs to have a lot of soul and personality behind their writing, and reading through what I've written, it seems like my writing style is kind of generic and not really unique to myself.

Question 4

Q: Moving on. Where did your character ideas, such as personality? For example, Ishio?

A: Haha, well, if you read through Ishio's character page, you'll see that he's actually based on my imaginary dog, Woofington. Ai Shi was a character created by my editor, StaticKatu. As for Liwei, Frost, and other main characters, I never really fully had their personality planned out or directly inspired by a preexisting character or person. I had a general idea, but for the most part they came to life as I wrote, and it was almost as if they took on their own personalities as I continued to write. In fact, reading through, I feel it's obvious which characters took on a life of their own and which ones I forced into the role.

Question 5

Q: Now, the plot. Do you have your fanon planned out?

A: Oh yes. I've had it mostly planned since about half way through Book Two. I mean, knowing the Paradise Cycle, it's pretty easy for a fanon like EotO to fall in place since it's just a basic heroic quest.

Question 6

Q: Do you have your ending in sight?

A: Aye. It should be done later this month or at the beginning of next. The hardest thing has been to not spoil my story out-and-out, and to have subtle and not so subtle foreshadowing to drop hints... But as I say frequently to my editor, "kufufu, spoilers".

Question 7

Q: What do you have in mind for the climax of your story?

A: Well, I'm kind of already there with only a couple of chapters left. The first couple of books have kind of had scattered action, but these last few chapters leading up to the end are going to be extremely action packed: a final battle royale leading up to the resolution and then just stopping like a train screeching to a halt. Satisfying and abrupt.

Question 8

Q: Now, for more creation stuff. What problems do you have most in your writing?

A: Transferring my thoughts into words. If you've seen my awkward posts around, you'll see that's a common problem both in and out of my writing, haha. Overall, this causes my writing to sink into passiveness, wordiness, and general not making sense...

Question 9

Q: What do you plan on writing in the future?

A: I do a lot of writing in and out of the Avatar wiki, but I'll just talk about my upcoming fanons. In the Avatar wiki, I have a couple of different fanons coming out soon. One will be a sporadically updated short series detailing Piandao's back story, including several--in my opinion strong--nonbender characters. The other is a fanon which I will be posting the main page for soon that follows two bender twins, who on their sixteenth birthday discover that one of them is the Avatar.

Question 10

Q: Now, for a fun ending to get some more of you, what kind of bending ability do you think you would have in the World of Avatar?

A: Tohaha... Waterbending because Bloodbending >:)


Me: Thanks for coming, MibuWolf!

MibuWolf: No problem.

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

P.S. Mibu, I knew that Ishio was based off him, but I used my default questions, so... it occurred to me that would happen in the email. :D

Thanks for reading!

See ya at the next one!

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