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Hey Avatar Wiki!

The interview is a little late, but I think it was worth it!

So, for FFF, my first interview is completed!

Here it is!

Starting Off

Me: Thanks for coming!

BlueDagger: Yup, of course.

Question 1

Q: To start off, where did the idea of making Dancing Shadows come from?

A: Well, 'tis a rather long story. Basically, back in about February of 2011, I was reading the Avatar Wiki. While surfing one article, I took a glance at the Recent Images tab in the right sidebar. I saw an image that interested me, so I clicked on it. Before long, I wound up at a fanon page, as series called The Lost Children. I read over it, and the idea of fanon interested me. Thus, I decided to write one in the summer. I originally had a very simple idea about an assassin going on missions for the Earth King. Eventually, it evolved into what Dancing Shadows is today.

Question 2

Q: What are you most proud of in Dancing Shadows?

A: The action scenes, definitely. Although I do hate to brag at all, I would say that my action scenes are at least on par with what a good fanon should be like. I am also proud of some of the more creative ideas I'll have coming later, mostly in Part 2.

Question 3

Q: What do you wish to improve on?

A: Mostly the dialogue and general flow of the story. The dialogue could definitely be improved, as right now there's often some confusion as to who is speaking. As for the story, while I do love the story I've created, I think the general flow of each single chapter needs improving.

Question 4

Q: Moving on. Where did your character ideas, such as personality? For example, Feng?

A: I don't really think I get most of my characters from any general source, well, at least, not consciously. Haha, I did sort of create Feng as the me I wish I was, however.

Question 5

Q: Now, the plot. Do you have your fanon planned out?

A: Absolutely. I have the entire story planned out. However, I fill in the details for each chapter as I write them, but I mostly have the entirety of Dancing Shadows planned. I spend more time than is healthy each day planning it out in my head.

Question 6

Q: Do you have your ending in sight?

A: I'd unrealistically hope to have Dancing Shadows finished before the end of this summer. If nothing else, I am going to finish it by 2013.

Question 7

Q: What do you have in mind for the climax of your story?

A: The story is definitely getting more and more hectic and chaotic as it goes along. I think the climax is either somewhere in Part 2 or Part 3. You can decide, once I get there.

Question 8

Q: Now, for more creation stuff. What problems do you have most in your writing?

A: The beginning of the chapters. I often spend much time sitting in front of a blank screen, wondering how I'm going to start the chapter out. Once I get it started, though, it's very easy for me. The chapters always just sort of flow out of me.

Question 9

Q: What do you plan on writing in the future?

A: Well, I have two future fanon series planned thus far. After Dancing Shadows is finished, I'm going to write a spinoff, which details the entire history of the Shroud, a major antagonistic group in the series, called Born In Darkness This I Swear. After that, I'll be writing my next major series, called Scarlet Lotus. I often dislike after-War fanons, as they can sometimes be very unoriginal. So, my plan for Scarlet Lotus is to basically take everything that an after-War fanon is, and completely blow it out of the water, increasing its scope as much as I possibly can.

Question 10

Q: Now, for a fun ending to get some more of you, what kind of bending ability do you think you would have in the World of Avatar?

A: Oh, that's an easy one. Earthbending, for sure. It can be used almost anywhere, has little weaknesses, and there are so many different types of it (Sandbending, for example).


Me: Thanks for coming, BlueDagger!

BlueDagger: Haha, sure thing.

Thanks for reading!

See ya guys later!

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