Hello, fans of The Avatar's Story. PreservationsWings here.

So, have any of you gone to the News and Updates page for The Avatar's Story? If you haven't, go there now. I guess I could link it for you, but... Oh alright. : )

Fanon:News and Updates/The Avatar's Story

If you look at the "Upcoming Chapters" section, you can see that the next chapter will be called, "Ghost Town, Part 1". Read the description, will you? Now that you have read it, I want to ask you a question.

What do you want to see in it?

Remember, I have some ideas for the chapter already, and I have a plot for it, so no plot ideas. But tell me what you want me to add more of (i.e. More character development, jokes, etc.). Remember, though, I will only use what I can and still have the plot for the chapter. So, on that thought, I guess I'm done.

Ask away!

I recently created Ghost Town, Part 1. Sorry that I didn't wait for you, but I got a sudden idea so I just went with it. The next one will be longer, as Ghost Town, Part 1 was supposed to be a filler. However, I'm still up for suggestion.

So tell me: What do you want?

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