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Well, here I am for my first review in the FRS! *confetti* So, moving on. Today I'll be reviewing Silent Hero in Emerald, the amazing fanon by the amazing Minnichi!

Warning: Spoilers for Silent Hero in Emerald below.


Ba Sing Se is kept balanced by the Dai Li. Any signs of conflict or talk of war are silenced immediately by these elite Earthbenders, under the strict eye of Long Feng. Brainwashing, imprisonment, execution... anything's acceptable to maintain order. Those who disrupt the peace must be eliminated at once. ...Right? Yuhan, a highly talented converter of rebels (a.k.a. brainwasher) doesn't really have any issues with the Dai Li's reasoning. He lives to contribute to the balance of the city; he doesn't really have anything else to do, anyway. After an unexpected twist of events, however, a childhood friendship resurfaces - and blooms into love. It wouldn't have been so bad if the Dai Li hadn't deemed her a disruptor of peace.

An AMAZING fanon, to say the least. Incredible, heartfelt, creative... Only some of SHiE's qualities. I didn't want to stop reading! I gave up my Mistborn reading time to read it! xD Truly, this fanon is a one of a kind. Once you read the fanon, you'll completely agree with me.


Score: 9.8 - A creative plot is good. Add in the plot twists, the developments, et cetera... Masterfully done, Minnichi. Masterfully done.


Score: 9.5 - I never found a scene switch that surprised me. Ever. The dialogue wasn't confusing. The plot flowed together. It all worked out.


Score: 10.0 - On my first review, I'm already handing out a 10.0? Wow. Still, this fanon deserves it. I mean, who would've thought of a Dai Li romance? And, who woulda thought to make the female protagonist become a Joo Dee!? Not me, that's for sure.


Score: 9.8 - I can't find the grammar mistakes! Where are they, Minnichi, and what did you do with 'em?!

Character Development

Score: 8.7 - Yuhan and Riya's relationship developed quite well, in my mind, and even minor characters got their development. However, some characters seemed kinda... cookie cutter (No, I'm not talking about Hiroshu, where'd you get that idea!). Just... give Hiroshu a girlfriend, that's all!


Score: 9.0 - The story is a romance, but when you do get your action, you'll be craving some more. Meesa want some action!


Score: 9.8 - How can you not believe it? Everything about the story follows what we've seen of the Dai Li, and when they interact with Team Avatar, the quotes, the action, the everything is just like the series! Trust me, it is!


Score: 9.4 - Technically, the fanon is Romance/Angst/Action, but I'm just going to focus on the romance aspect. The romance is a tad bit predictable, but Minnichi, you catch onto the little emotions that Yuhan and Riya feel when they interact, and that definitely makes up for the predictability. The angst and action genres were woven into the story very well, along with the romance.

Average score: 9.5 My first 9 score goes to Minnichi!

Tips for Minnichi: I feel like you should be giving me tips... but, ANYWAYS! xD... Keep writing. Take a chance; You're a good writer. Maybe give Hiroshu a girlfriend...

Who should read this? You're a Dai Li fan, right? Yeah, perfect. Go read it. Now.

Kudos to you, Minnichi, and Kudos to you, my dear reader! That's PreservationsWings, signing off.
-  Wings wallcontribs

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