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    I really need to work on my reviews, cause it's yet another late one! Yes, schools been crazy, THG exists, et cetera... but, despite all that, I'm glad to be able to review , the final installment in the Spirit Trilogy, by !

    Warning: Spoilers for It All Ends below.

    The Avatar has always been a force for balance within the world, but, as of late, it seems as if the Spirit World has been encroaching on the human world in ways that could have disastrous implications if left unchecked. Now, Avatar Argho, along with his allies, must face some of the most powerful and ancient spirits that have ever existed, spirits that have been vying for power since time immemorial. Can they face down the darkness, or will the world crumble?

    With IAE, Magedd…

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    Here I am, for my second review in the FRS (A late one, at that)! I woke up Monday morning, and was like: "Oh, crap! I've got a review!" xD So, here I am, reviewing a very interesting fanon: , by .

    Warning: Spoilers for Jump below.

    Toph Beifong, esteemed Chief of Police, has been framed for murder, but the true murderer framed her well, even getting her arrested. Only one problem: the metalbending Police Chief can and has escaped any trap, but in this case, she had to kill six people to do it, and another seven just to see her best friend Sokka. Now, the prosecution has her charged with fourteen counts of first degree murder, and if anybody catches her, she'll be hanged for sure. She won't let that happen. She has to run, but first, sh…

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    Well, here I am for my first review in the FRS! *confetti* So, moving on. Today I'll be reviewing , the amazing fanon by the amazing !

    Warning: Spoilers for Silent Hero in Emerald below.

    Ba Sing Se is kept balanced by the Dai Li. Any signs of conflict or talk of war are silenced immediately by these elite Earthbenders, under the strict eye of Long Feng. Brainwashing, imprisonment, execution... anything's acceptable to maintain order. Those who disrupt the peace must be eliminated at once. ...Right? Yuhan, a highly talented converter of rebels (a.k.a. brainwasher) doesn't really have any issues with the Dai Li's reasoning. He lives to contribute to the balance of the city; he doesn't really have anything else to do, anyway. After an unexpected …

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    Well, here I am, once again, at the Walls of FRS Judgement. I'd sat I'm a lot more prepared this time, but who knows? Anyways, wish me best, and onto the review! I'll be reviewing by . Enjoy!

    An ever-changing world keeps the Avatar busy, as the Fire Nation changes power from the sages to the Fire Lord. As the Air Temple's children disappear, the Avatar must stop the kidnappers, even if it kills him.

    An interesting idea, to say the least. I liked the whole idea of evil Fire Sages, and it is cool showing how much leverage the Sages have over the Fire Nation. Along with it's unique plot, this fanon has LOTS of action, which is a nice bonus. :) Now, withought further ado, I present, the SCORES!

    Score: 7.0 - Overall, the story has several cre…

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    That's right! You heard it! You READ it!

    The Hunter's Gem will begin on the 25th of December! It'll be a Christmas present (Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, you can still enjoy it!).

    For those of you who don't know much (or anything) about this fanon, you can read the main page and the updates page.

    I've been putting a lot of work into this (Been working on the first chapter for a month or two), and I've got two awesome editors who are gonna work their magic on it soon!

    I've got some epic ideas going into this fanon, and I hope all of Avatar Wiki will enjoy it!

    Remember the name! The Hunter's Gem! You won't want to miss it!

    That's PreservationsWings, signing off! :)


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