Ever written a fanfic and thought, Gee, I bet nobody’s reading it … Guess what? Chances are somebody is. Don’t feel down and start picking out every bad thing about it. Below are some solutions to curing your symptoms of … uh … whatever you want to call it – and some writer’s block, too.

1) Keep writing. Continuing your story will encourage yourself and ease you need to create.

2) Show it to others. Get your family and friends’ opinion on your fanfiction. If you’re shy like me, don’t worry about it and keep it to yourself.

3) Read and edit. Tinkering with your published or unpublished chapters will give your confidence a boost.

4) Take a break. A break is all you need to relax for a bit.

5) Read another fanfiction. Inspiration is just a few clicks away.

6) Start a new one. Not feeling your filler-type chapters of Korra’s adventures? Declare your retirement and kick up another storyline.

7) Ask for comments. At the end of every chapter, write a little P.S. asking every reader to leave a comment. Maybe you have twenty readers that you didn’t even know about!

If you don’t trust me, perhaps this confession will sway your thoughts – I’m an avid writer, always having at least thirteen storylines swimming around in my swamp of a brain. All these handy tips can help your writer’s block or such, and can boost your self-esteem by a million percent. I’d love to read any fanfiction that you’ve written, so feel free to leave a link in a comment.

Thanks for reading, guys, and if you liked this or my To all those Mako/Asami/Korra haters blog post (explaining to them that you can’t change it), please leave a comment saying you did, so I know if I should come up with another topic. Speaking of which, I’m a new user (though have let loose countless comments as a Nony) and am open to any new subjects in case of readers. So, just suggest a topic and I’ll take it under consideration.

- PracticalPabu

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