So, I've messaged a couple subscribers with the info, and yeah, I'm discontinuing Aika. I'm sowwy :( I tried to send it to more people, but my post button didn't work and yeah. :| This is the message that went out:

I haven't posted a chapter in forever! First, I would like to apologize for that. I can make up any excuse I want but I still wanna apologize. So, sorry. :P The reason I won't be continuing Aika? Long story short, I've had feelings for this guy for 14 months and I found out two days ago he doesn't feel the same way about me and he likes my best friend. Yay.

Anyways, besides my confusing love life, I'd been thinking about discontinuing for a while now. This was kind of the last straw. I write my best when I'm happy, I've been going through a kind of depression since August, and I just feel really bad right now. I don't think I can put enough time aside as well as cope with my feelings right now. I'm sure you guys have gone through something similar. It is absolutely terrible.

Enough with me and my soap operas! I want to thank you guys! :D This is a lot for a discontinuing notice, but I don't plan to return to the fanfiction-world anytime soon. Or ever. So, yep. But seriously! Thank you guys! Even if this was just a story you liked to read in your free 10 minutes of the day, thankkkk youuuu. Every compliment made my week just a gajillion times better. Thank you for reading. I wish I knew you all in person, because I'm sure you're all amazing peeps <3 Those chapters were so much fun to write, and I hope they were fun to read. I may not be the best writer, but it's what I love. And I love Aika. And I love every one of my friends, even the computer ones. And I LOVE that nice people like you exist.

- PracticalPabu

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