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So, this is a continuation (or follow-up, pick and choose) of my blog post "Discontinuation" (why does that look like it's spelled wrong? is it?) which announced that I was discontinuing Aika: Illuminated. So, anyways, this is a letter to my followers and the people who read my fanfic - and I know this will be deleted soon so I'll keep it to the point:

Thank you. It's been so long since I've contributed, but thank you, because I really miss being part of this fandom. I miss writing chapters and having people give me feedback and feeling the utter agony of reading a typo you yourself have written. Well, maybe not the latter. I just finished watching the latest episode of Korra (am I the only one who thinks that Kai/Jinora is the absolute cutest thing ever in television like really) and thought of making a blog post so I did, naturally. Because it was bugging me. Because I wanted to check you guys in. Because I disappeared.

In case you're wondering, yes, I did turn suicidal. Luckily they were just thoughts and not actions, but I really did want to kill myself. What I told you guys about my love life was not the whole story but rather a horrible blurb, and I'm sorry, but I remember tearing up as I wrote that. But I'm better now, and I think that's all that counts. I'm not completely fine, but I see the point in living and I want to live and continue to live. As you can see, it's been bugging me that I've changed so much from last writing a blog post and have a completely different outlook on life and new experience that I just needdddddeeeedddd to catch you guys up because when I leave people out it just kills me ajsndmddjdjdjdnddn

Meanwhile, I'm making good progress with my writing and have been really putting my pen against the grindstone. Aika really was a jumping point for my writing, as I got critique and saw what the heck was wrong. I got to look at it and see what was wrong. So thank you guys, and I'll see you again. Eventually. Maybe.

- PracticalPabu :)

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