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    So, this is a continuation (or follow-up, pick and choose) of my blog post "Discontinuation" (why does that look like it's spelled wrong? is it?) which announced that I was discontinuing Aika: Illuminated. So, anyways, this is a letter to my followers and the people who read my fanfic - and I know this will be deleted soon so I'll keep it to the point:

    Thank you. It's been so long since I've contributed, but thank you, because I really miss being part of this fandom. I miss writing chapters and having people give me feedback and feeling the utter agony of reading a typo you yourself have written. Well, maybe not the latter. I just finished watching the latest episode of Korra (am I the only one who thinks that Kai/Jinora is the absolute cut…

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    January 9, 2014 by PracticalPabu

    So, I've messaged a couple subscribers with the info, and yeah, I'm discontinuing Aika. I'm sowwy :( I tried to send it to more people, but my post button didn't work and yeah. :| This is the message that went out:

    I haven't posted a chapter in forever! First, I would like to apologize for that. I can make up any excuse I want but I still wanna apologize. So, sorry. :P The reason I won't be continuing Aika? Long story short, I've had feelings for this guy for 14 months and I found out two days ago he doesn't feel the same way about me and he likes my best friend. Yay.

    Anyways, besides my confusing love life, I'd been thinking about discontinuing for a while now. This was kind of the last straw. I write my best when I'm happy, I've been going…

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    Earth. Fire. Air. Water.

    Welcome, fanon writers! Below are the rules, prompts, and information for this competition! If you have any additional questions, please post it as a comment below. We look forward to reading your entries!

    For this competition, a prompt will be hosted every week. The prompt will fall under the categories Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Freestyle. There will be a short sentence explaining the character and the gist of the short story we want you to write.

    There will be no overall winner, only one for each category, so you won't have to enter for each one. The winners will be announced a week after the last prompt.

    All in all, have fun with the prompts and seek to improve your writing!

    • Only one submission per prompt.
    • Please d…

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    This is an entry for Minnichi's writing competition. The firebender in this case is Aika, a character from my fanon, Aika: Illuminated. The title was a last-minute flop. If there are any errors, please point them out. Hope you guys like it!

    Sora always was somebody who made promises she never meant to keep.

    Keeping that in mind, Aika promised to slap Death when they met. On second thought, not a good idea.

    Rain washed down her umbrella, dripping down on the already watered streets of Republic City. Aika was supposed to be here with her mom. She was supposed to be walking with her mom. “Oh, well,” Her father, King Longwei, would’ve said. Smiling, she thought to herself, He actually did say that.

    “Darn benders … no respect … Amon’s right …”

    Guard up…

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    Ever written a fanfic and thought, Gee, I bet nobody’s reading it … Guess what? Chances are somebody is. Don’t feel down and start picking out every bad thing about it. Below are some solutions to curing your symptoms of … uh … whatever you want to call it – and some writer’s block, too.

    1) Keep writing. Continuing your story will encourage yourself and ease you need to create.

    2) Show it to others. Get your family and friends’ opinion on your fanfiction. If you’re shy like me, don’t worry about it and keep it to yourself.

    3) Read and edit. Tinkering with your published or unpublished chapters will give your confidence a boost.

    4) Take a break. A break is all you need to relax for a bit.

    5) Read another fanfiction. Inspiration is just a few clicks away.

    6) S…

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