City lights

I’m making this blog to ask you, what do you think the lights are in Republic City? Some assume they’re either natural gas lights, electric lights, or lanterns. May be it’s a mixture of all three. I’m going to give a few pictures from the trailer, concept arts, a short clip, and examples. I’m also going to give you my speculation on what type of lights they are and their use. (Feel free to leave comments and give your own speculations)

City Lights


This view obviously shows there are many lights in Republic City and that many people are still active even at night.

Lights in Concept Art

Image 1

In this you see Korra vs. Firebending thugs and on the side clearly shows lanterns being used as sidewalk lights.

Image 2

Here you see Korra fighting Metalbender Cops, and above you see large blimps with lights on them, you can automatically rule out the possibly of those being lanterns, and for safety reasons just say those are electrically powered. I believe there use is similar to airplane light's use, assisting in landings, to avoid collisions, and signaling.

Street Lights


They don’t seem to be lanterns so they can either natural gas or electric lights. It seems there used as streetlights.

Arena Lights

Here’s a clip of the Pro-Bending Arena being lit, and you can see there’s a huge light source above the Arena, so again you can rule out it being a lantern. And I would say to also rule out natural gas light, because illuminating an area of that size will cause a dangerous combustion, which can result in an explosion. So I’m guessing the light is electric (I’m not an expert in chemistry so you can still make your guess on this). Or maybe it’s simply just an opening to the surface. The use is obvious, so the players and audience can see the arena.



This is not a picture of lights. I’m showing this because it helps support the theory of electrically powered lights, since these objects I’ve circled look similar to our power lines.

Indoor Lighting

Image 1

This clearly shows lights in the buildings, of what I suspect to be apartments.

Image 2

This is the closest we’ve got to seeing indoor lights directly, these objects I’ve circled look similar to our light panels.

From Powerfullest

Thank you for reading, and again feel free to leave comments and some of your speculations. :)

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