Hello I’m making this blog about the order of some scenes The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra trailer will roll out. I’ve watched the trailer quite a few times, and I believe I know the chronological order of a few clips, what episode they’re in, and how it all follows up. I’m going to show five short videos of clips from the trailer I’ve arranged some of them in the order I think they might go.


The only to clips that I can surely put together in the same episode is clip of the statue of Aang and clip of Air Temple Island. I suspect that they’ll be in the first episode one of the first scenes in the series or the scenes when Korra arrives to Republic City. The only thing that relates the sky bison clip with the other two is that it also seems to take place during sunset. It could be in the same episode as the other two, but I have trouble believing that, since I can’t tell what’s happening in the clip. It could simply just be a flashback.

Korra Alone

I believe the show won’t just show Korra and her characteristics, they can have a few Southern Water Tribe people talking about her, indicating she’s a troublesome and rebellious character, or show us how she deals with simple conflicts, or her personality will be explained the openings.

Korra Alone Clips

These scenes I’m showing are most likely in the first episode. Korra seems sad and upset in these clips, this isn’t in conjecture with her "ready to take on the world" attitude. Maybe she just sad that she’s leaving, which is strange since she has already mastered Earth and Fire, so shouldn’t she have already left her home? This could mean she probably learned Earthbending and Firebending in the Southern Watertribe. The following clip shows her looking at Republic City’s skyline, she could be tired and planning what will she do next now that she made it to the city. She may have rested the night, because in the following clip it shows her just entering the city, in what appears to be the morning. In the next one you see her in a park with Naga in the small lake, she’s probably just trying to settle in, and thinking what’s her next move. The last scene shows her looking into the sunset with an all of a sudden change in expression, I cant really make much of this scene, all I can say is the could be a scene of her still in the Southern Water Tribe, since she appears to be wearing her coat.


In this video I’ve made a lot more edits and arrangements. I have arranged the scenes in the order I believe they take place.

Scene 1

This is most likely is Korra confronting the thugs, she probably saw them doing a wrong or they challenged her to a brawl thinking she’ll back down. They’re probably thugs who thought they own a certain area and can do want ever they want and miss with anyone, and end up missing with the Avatar. Or they can just be regular citizens who unfortunately had a disagreement with Korra.

Scene 2 & 3

These scenes clearly shows that Korra is the better fighter. In Scene 2 it looked like she is enjoying the fight, maybe she was just looking for a brawl or a reason to fight. Somewhere through out the street brawl Korra throws the suspected Firebending thug into what seems to be a clock shop.

Cop Chase

Scene 1&2

These scenes could be right after Korra’s street brawl, you can see in Scene 1 a huge hole in some wall, could be the following damage in the fray. It appears that Korra was trying to explain herself, but the Metalbender Cop ignored her explanation and attempted to arrest her. After that Korra decided to flee from the cop.

Scene 3&4

I suspect that Scene 3 is a scene in the cop chase even though we fail to see the Metalbender Cop in it, the cop could just be putting himself back together after being kicked in the face, which could explain why he’s not seen. Scene 4 shows the cop catching up with Korra and trying another attempt to arrest Korra, there’s a chance he may have been successful since he got her on her blind side.


If the chase continued even after in the cop chase Scene 4, it could have led Korra to an underground Pro-Bending arena. Trying to hide from the cop she went into an underground entrance. I believe the following scenes are in episode 2. Korra hides from the cop and discovers an arena and that’s the end of episode 1.

Scene 1&2

This arena could be just a training arena or a smaller league of Pro-Bending, the arena doesn’t look that dramatic and the fighting doesn’t seem that intense (maybe I’m just saying this since we’ve only seen two scenes with action in the arena).

Scene 3&4

The order of these scenes is still in my speculation. Scene 3 shows a player being thrown off the arena it could simply just be a regular player. Scene 4 is Korra being introduced by Bolin as the Avatar, Korra may have done something that only the Avatar could do, which revealed to Bolin and probably everyone else who saw her that she’s the Avatar. Which could lead to her trying-out and being the one in Scene 3 being thrown off the arena, because may not be she used to the rules or the outfit in Pro-Bending.

After Pro-Bending Scenes

I suspect after Pro-Bending scenes Korra when she meets Mako and Bolin, that she will eventually find out where she can find Tenzin and of the Anti-Bending Revolt going on in the city.

Thank You

Thank you for reading, if you have your own speculations of how the first will play out, feel free to give your speculations in your comments.

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