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  • Pokemonmaster612

    It has been revealed that all 4 Air Temples will be visited in book 2, but why? As stated by Tenzin in "Rebel Spirit" he and Korra had planned the trip in an effort to connect with past Avatars and strengthen her spiritual side. Well, now that plan's mut, Korra is training with her uncle Unalaq (in the NTW?). So now, Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya are apparently going on this adventure. What could they possibly gain from this experience? Is it an attempt to reconnect with their father's spirit? Is it a sibling bonding trip? And what goes wrong? You've seen the screen shot of their bewildered faces. You've seen them fall down a waterfall in the trailer. Who or what did they discover, and is it threatening them?

    To be honest, my creativity is drained…

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