Can we kindly stop saying that so-and-so is the new so-and-so? No one could replace any of the previous characters, and that is not what the new characters are meant to be doing. Basically, these are two different characters, and though one may remind you of another, they are not a clone, a replacement, or otherwise a substitute for them. It's rather demeaning to both characters, reducing their individual personalities to singular qualities so that we can easily compare them. They're each their own character, and if you try to evaluate them based solely on how they measure up against your previous favorites, or how they compare to the person you expect them to be, you'll probably miss out on the complete awesomeness that is their own.

Try to look at these new characters without trying to compare them to others, try to see them for who they are, and not just who they remind you of. This may help you to better appreciate them, and perhaps even enjoy the show more!

Actually, you'll find a lot more to appreciate in pretty much everything that way.

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