Okay, have not done a fanfiction before, so thought I'd try it out here before attempting to deal with the whole fanon page creation thing. This is something of a one shot, or a series of one shots, and I'm not sure if those are really done around here. I see a lot of chaptered stuff. I tried to follow a three-sentence format to keep from over-indulging in words, as I occasionally do. Anyways, these may seem somewhat clunky because of my self-imposed restriction and my tendency to use run-on or overloaded sentences. I do plan on adding to these, but am a bit hesitant at actually posting. Any suggestions for improvements are appreciated.



(by player2start)

1. She wondered sometimes if it was hard for him, being around that avatar girl. He literally had to stand in the presence of his father's ghost, that pretty much went without saying. But the girl had been trained, practically raised, by the best of the best, and so had much more in common with her teacher than warm dark skin and bright blue eyes.

2. She saw it coming really, she'd have to have been blind not to, and even then it would have been obvious. Still, she would not surrender him without a fight. She was her mother's daughter after all.

3. She had never really given much thought or care when it came to her looks. She was much like her mother in that regard, her strong personality never allowing for anyone to make first, or any, impressions of her based on her appearance. Still, she was not quite sure what to think when the scars did not fade.

4. Her mother generally avoided the subject whenever she asked about her father. Curiosity led to her first investigation, a childhood prelude to an adult career. Over the years, bits and pieces would fall into place, but she was ultimately unsuccessful in establishing the full story.

5. Her mother taught her how to feel and hear, how to read another's heartbeat and the tone of their voice. He taught her how to see, how to read facial expressions and the subtle motions of hand and body that could not be picked up through the earth. Her ability to sniff out the truth was almost unmatched, though sometimes she wished she could simply believe in the lies.

6. The reporter had been a bit of a nuisance, with his ability to investigative crimes unfettered by regulations rankling her professional pride, and his dedication to journalistic integrity and responsibility confounding her and her general hatred of the press. The news of his quitting was somewhat surprising, but she could not fault the somewhat optimistic man for becoming disheartened that his work had little impact on the darker side of humanity. Much more surprising was unexpected pleasure she experienced when hearing his voice coming from the radio for the first time.

7. For a woman who went constantly barefoot, her mother's shoes were surprisingly hard to fill. And so she strived always to be the best, standing tall on her own accomplishments rather than those of others, daring anyone to say that she had not earned her reputation through her own hard work. She utterly despised those who flaunted or relied upon their connections and not their own efforts.

8. No matter how hard she tried to hide it, her mother always could tell if she had a crush on someone, which usually resulted in much teasing and embarrassment. But the first time, her mother told her of how she herself once fell for a quick wit, for strength and compassion and a sharp mind hidden behind what had been described to her as a handsome face and bright blue eyes. She knew the man the moment she met him, and wondered how her mother had ever gotten over him (or if she even had).

9. She didn't know what to make of the living legend at first. He was unusual, loud and cheerful and loving and carefree, she could not even imagine his taking a role in such a bloody war, much less such a decisive one. Then she turned eight, and the city was in crisis, and she saw him in action, and she understood.

10. They had completely different goals in life. She was to maintain order and make a name for herself, he was to be a family man and revive the traditions of his father's people. She once fooled herself into thinking that maybe she might actually have possibly been able to stand being a mother, but that was after his first child came into being, and before her attempts to help with babysitting.

11. Airships had always held a certain fascination for her, but her mother would let her nowhere near one. She was told she could only ride on one if her mother lost all reason and agreed to go with her in one of those flying deathtraps. Word of this got out, and she soon had yet another reason to admire the man from the water tribe.

12. Sometimes, very rarely, their parents and their friends would get together to reminisce, and to toast to those that had been lost. As the list of departed grew, and the number of attendees diminished, the gatherings occurred less and less often, until the practice finally stopped. The first time she lost an officer, and every time thereafter, she honored this tradition, but in solitude.

13. The first time she used a cable to launch herself into the air, to speed down the street, to swing after her quarry, she was too high on adrenalin to fully realize what she had done. It was only afterwards that she recalled the sensations, the feeling that she was rapidly falling upwards towards the clouds, the rush of wind blasting her face and whipping through her hair, the peculiar feeling in her stomach as she rose and fell, she wondered if this is what it was to fly. And, grounded though she was, she dreamed of the sky.

14. It wasn't until he had mentioned it that she began to see some of herself in the girl. Strong, stubborn, blunt and opinionated, she would take no nonsense if she could help it. The extreme loyalty was also familiar, though she hoped it would cause the youngster less pain.

15. Once, before she was chief, a few fellow officers had managed to work up the guts and pull a prank on her. Though less than amused, she could find no truely suitable retribution until later, when she became chief and promptly reassigned those remaining with the department to her own personal squad. She knew potential when she saw it.

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