This is more of a test entry than anything else really, I've never tried to write anything I thought anyone would actually read. Article comments don't really count in that regard. Thought I'd start with a semi-intelligent review-ish thing.

Well, here goes nothing...

In my opinion, The Legend of Korra is currently one of the best cartoons out there, which is hardly surprising, considering its predecessor.

I was initially skeptical of a sequel, but was won over almost immediately by the very first episode. The setting was one of my concerns, but I'm completely in love with it now. Having all of the story set in a single city as opposed to taking place all over the world works rather well, and allows the focus to remain somewhat more squarely on the characters and plot. The cultural and technological leap isn't nearly so jarring as I suspected, the 1920's-esq setting has been handled suprisingly well. Everything still has an Asian flare, the architecture, the clothing, the food, the technology, even the music. The jazz and big brass can add a lot of energy or jauntiness to a scene, but there's still plenty of more traditional Asian music as well. And the animation of everything is just beautiful.

There is a variety of characters, who are already growing on me. The humor, character growth, plot development, and intense awesomeness of first series is obviously going to be present here, and may even surpass it. I say this mainly due to the greater experience of the crew, the success of the previous series allowing for greater freedom to take risks, and for the fact that the basic world establishment has been so well developed, expanded on, and is now well known to the audience.

I just can't wait to see how it goes.

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