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    Can we kindly stop saying that so-and-so is the new so-and-so? No one could replace any of the previous characters, and that is not what the new characters are meant to be doing. Basically, these are two different characters, and though one may remind you of another, they are not a clone, a replacement, or otherwise a substitute for them. It's rather demeaning to both characters, reducing their individual personalities to singular qualities so that we can easily compare them. They're each their own character, and if you try to evaluate them based solely on how they measure up against your previous favorites, or how they compare to the person you expect them to be, you'll probably miss out on the complete awesomeness that is their own.

    Try t…

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    Okay, have not done a fanfiction before, so thought I'd try it out here before attempting to deal with the whole fanon page creation thing. This is something of a one shot, or a series of one shots, and I'm not sure if those are really done around here. I see a lot of chaptered stuff. I tried to follow a three-sentence format to keep from over-indulging in words, as I occasionally do. Anyways, these may seem somewhat clunky because of my self-imposed restriction and my tendency to use run-on or overloaded sentences. I do plan on adding to these, but am a bit hesitant at actually posting. Any suggestions for improvements are appreciated.



    (by player2start)

    1. She wondered sometimes if it was hard for him, being around that av…

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    First of all, I'd like to recognize that English, specifically "American English" is not the only language in the world or on the web. However, according to the Manual of Style, which is a rather helpful resource, American English is preferred for much of this site. Another helpful resource is Merriam-Webster's online dictionary, which does something like a spell check for you if you enter the desired word incorrectly. You can also use if you're typing in the address, it's nice and quick.

    I try to be as correct as possible, but if I do make a spelling or other mistake, please do correct me, and if you have a recommendation for something to be addressed or a better explanation or example, please let me know! I need all the help I…

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    Bolin is my favorite character in Legend of Korra, so I tend to overthink his character and gush about his awesomeness and utter adorkableness. I tend to focus on scenes that involve my favorite characters, so you won't find much on other characters or plot developments here. If, for whatever reason, you would like my opinions on anything else, feel free to post a message for me. I have way too much free time, and very much like to bore people.

    If you recognize some of these points, it's because I may have expressed them previously in comment sections, or on the TVTropes' Legend of Korra's Fridge Brilliance/Horror page. If the latter, I'll make a note of it by putting "Fridge Brilliance/Horror" by the paragraph in question. I may tidy thing…

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    Regarding Bolin

    May 21, 2012 by Player2start

    Thoughts on Bolin in General

    Bolin is my favorite character in Legend of Korra, so I tend to overthink his character and gush about his awesomeness and utter adorkableness. You may have noticed this in the comments section on his page, where I tend to do most of my (rather wordy) commenting, and over-explain my position on any questions or negative commentary. Some of my thoughts here had originally been expressed on the comments page, but here I have gathered them together and elaborated on them. I expect to update this post with each episode, and any further thinking or realizations.

    This post is on general thoughts or theorization focusing on Bolin. For Bolin-centric episode reviews, see my other post.

    ...Or really on any LOK character bei…

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