Hi Avatar wiki This is Plasmabender117 and this is my first review of a fanon. So I will get this point across right now to everyone. (The Statement that I call "MY Point" below will be added on to all my fanon reviews so don't fell like I'm singling you out Lightningthief9 because I'm not)

My Point

I am not your friend nor your enemy when I review you fanon. I am simply telling you what I see and if what I see is a project that really really really really needs work then I will tell you. I will not cuddle you in the warm blanket that so many good reviews from those before me created. I am here for those who are prepared to better their fanon and themselves. And the best way I think to do that is to tear away that blanket and tell them the cold reality of their fanon. That is why I have the system of potential that ranges from (1-10). And the meh scale this scale represents the meh levels in me this ranges from (you really need work-1-10). These will be added to my reality scale and my perfection scale which ranges (1-10- impossible). And if this system and I fail to do what I promise then you have all rights to disown me a a review critic. And make a formal letter stating the reasons that you think I should resign from the my duties as a fanon review critic."

Now that that's over whose my first victim... I mean review subject. Oh it is the fanon Darksome Knights: Resurrection by Lightningthief9.

Summary and My Views of the Three Books in Darksome Knights

The plot is quite simple if by simple you mean the world of Avatar is somehow connected to the world of Pokemon ,Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter by something called the Five pillars. This is what I call a classic "Mutliverse case" where the writer takes several different stories and Mashes them together to get an end result. Let me be clear that this is a good idea "in theory". But then again communism is a good idea "in theory". The way these "Mutliverse cases" go it is decided by the execution of the story, not the stories that make up the story. Let me tell you my first problem with this fanon it was when I first looked at the text the one above the contents box and it said as I quote "Darksome Knights is a fanon created by Lightningthief9. It was originally created as a fanon for Kingdom Hearts" my first words then were 'oh $#*%' the reason I said that was because I have no clue what Kingdom Hearts was so I did what any sensible person would do In my position. I looked at the summary on Wikipedia. I would like to say that I came back with an understanding for Kingdom Hearts but I honestly can say I came back with more questions then answers but in a whole I understand why the concept Kingdom Hearts eludes me when I was reading the summary of it I caught text that said it takes characters from Final Fantasy and Disney and puts them together and forms the story. And then I realized this is a Multiverse case of another Multiverse case. To simplify it, no human mind should try to understand it because all your going to do make you brain fell like it tried to figure out the movie inception.

So with my first problem going unsolved here is my next problem ... Book 1 yep the entire book 1. Let me explain , book 1 just feels so much like its one chapter that was broken up into tiny sections that you could have just made into one giant prologue. Although the author probably put a lot of thought and effort into the introduction of characters. Don't get me wrong the writing is decent and the Ideas are good these are great features in a writer but . In these chapters it just feels like a stretched out prologue.

Book 2 is when the five pillars who are people go to the avatar world to recruit the main characters and some side characters too there is some action involved and most of it is fairly good.

Now book 3 is where the Five pillars plus some of the characters from the world of Avatar split up. And try too recruit some of the characters from the other various worlds that make up this fanon. To form one giant army to fight some bad guy that I think is based in the plot of Kingdom Hearts. But I'm not sure on that so don't quote me on that. Also in the third Book there is some Multiverse character interaction in the end that I was hoping for like the child that wanted his scooter that his parents wouldn't let him have until he got good grades. So the action that I felt as a reader was needed was really really really delayed. And I dont like that not one bit.

My views

For those of you who cant tell whether I am praising or insulting The Darksome Knights: Resurrection let me be very clear about the questions I answered

Is Darksome Knights: Resurrection good? Yes

Is Darksome Knights: Resurrection a compelling story for all? NO

Should we destroy Darksome Knights: Resurrection with a burning hatred, if it is not for us? NO

Who do you recommend Darksome Knights: Resurrection too? I recommend it too people who know common knowledge of all the subjects put in this fanon (especially Kingdom Hearts)


I would not like to comment on characters due to my unbiased opinions on all of them. Also character development seems to be a bit slow in this fanon I would wait for more chapters to come out before I elaborate more on this later. But I will say character interaction through the last couple chapters was quite good.

The Score

This is the part where I put Darksome Knights: Resurrection on the my scales of review

Reality - 5 (this is not a bad thing for a fanon. It just needs to be a little more realistic.)

Potential - 10 (A lot of multiverse scenarios have a ton of potential you just need to find a way to figure out how to reach that potential)

Perfection - 5 (Never feel sad if you get low in this scale. Humans are imperfect beings so be glad you got further than some might get.)

Meh - 5 (you don't need work on the plot you just need work on the relatability of the stories to average people :Ps this score is mostly due to my troubles understanding Kingdom Hearts)

Total score is 25/40 Average score is 6.25/10

Notes to Lightningthief9

  • You ideas are creative but you do need to keep a better idea of relatability for those who don't understand All these stories.
  • Also consistency in your fanons chapter setups is a make or break thing for people. Sometimes in a chapter I could go to the next one when I was done. but other times I had to go to the main page to get to the next chapter to read. It is just the inconsistent that was really was annoying.

Ending Statement

In all this was a pretty good fanon not the best mind you. But great in its own way. I would Like to state to Lightningthief9 that I in no way meant to personally attack you or your fanon by any means. I hope that you got as much out of this experience as I did. And I hope you will take this review and better your fanon because of it.

Sincerly Plasmabender117

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