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  • Plasmabender117

    Hi Avatar wiki This is and this is my first review of a fanon. So I will get this point across right now to everyone. (The Statement that I call "MY Point" below will be added on to all my fanon reviews so don't fell like I'm singling you out because I'm not)

    I am not your friend nor your enemy when I review you fanon. I am simply telling you what I see and if what I see is a project that really really really really needs work then I will tell you. I will not cuddle you in the warm blanket that so many good reviews from those before me created. I am here for those who are prepared to better their fanon and themselves. And the best way I think to do that is to tear away that blanket and tell them the cold reality of their fanon. That is wh…

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  • Plasmabender117

    I Just recently (which i hesitate to call interviewed ) Gene Yang if you dont know him then you probably should stop right there and go to his information page (Which i will not provide because i am lazy) any ways in this inter view i asked him 2 of my personal question's pertaining to avatar and a third personal question about him. ill first put the answers then the questions and the answers like an interview.

    Answer 1: Ursa's fate, like many things in the history of the Avatarverseis complex in it's simplicity! Or was it simple in its complexity...?

    Answer 2: That's a great question, but I don't really have an answer. I've never talked with Bryan and Mike about that

    Answer 3: I love making stories. You have to try it sometime yourself! It's…

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