• Pipsqueak1707

    Some people said that King Bumi is the best earthbender. Some said that Toph is the best earthbender. Most people are not too sure who is the best. Get go and see who is the most powerful earthbender.

    Let start with King Bumi. I can't explain about Bumi because he is a minor character. But I explain some details about him. Bumi knows how to earthbend, but that is only skill that he can do. He can take down the Fire Nation who took control of Omashu all by himself during the Day of the Black Sun! Whenever Bumi earthbending, you rarely see his handicap on his face. About the Jennomite, he can bend by earthbending. King Bumi might be crazy, but he is a mad genius.

    Toph, the Blind Bandit, had more skills than Bumi. She can metalbending, eartbend…

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