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    My Favourite Episodes

    February 8, 2011 by Piewaffle

    My Top Five Favourite Episodes

    5. The Chase

    4. The Firebending Masters

    3. The Drill

    2. Into the Inferno

    1. The Beach

    There are big reasons I love these episodes. The Beach is in my opinion, the funniest episode in the series. Into the Inferno, The Drill, and The Firebending Masters are very epic. The thing I like about The Chase is, there is a mix of action, and comedy. About The Firebending Masters, Ran and Shaw are probably, girl and boy, so I bet in A:LOK, the dragons are back in the series. I loved the ending, when Zuko and Aang meet the true Firebending masters. Into the Inferno is just sad. Azula just goes retarded. It was sad because she is my favourite character, but in the Agni Kai, it just makes it more cool. If anyone is wondering, my…

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