Yo this is your boy Pheonix (Yes I put the e over the o) and I would like to present to you my first blog post!  Alright, now this is a feature I thought I would probably never use on this site ever, but I just thought I would give it a shot since I came up with this idea in my head.  So I have been really reading a lot about people's theory's on this book, particularly more on Unalaq's intentions and how he might be intending to become the "dark avatar". But I also have been really thinking about something with Vaatu and Raava.  Since they are spirits, they are assummed by most people to be immortal and can never die.  But I actually don't think that's the case.  People think the only way to kill the Raava for good is to kill the human while he she is in the avatar state, but I think there is another way that is much less lethal.  I also think there could be an omnipotent being in control of the world.

What we know about Vaatu and Raava:

-Both are incredibly old and powerful spirits.

-Both are essentially immortal. (Unless somebody does something drastic)

- If one were to overpower the other, either one of them will eventually be reborn.

-Vaatu feeds off the negative energy of the spirits to grow stronger. 

-Vaatu can turn spirits into the darkness by intensifying their anger or hatred.

-Raava can fuse herself with any human and make them stronger.

-Raava grows weaker the stronger Vaatu gets.

What we don't know about them:

-Where did they come from? 

-How did they come to be?

They might have formed in the spirit world, but how exactly were they formed? Were they created by some omnipotent being or were they formed from the positive and negative energies of the earth?

-Were they given a purpose after they were formed/created?

-I'm not sure about this one, but I think that physical attacks are unnaffective against them as well.

What I think could permanently destroy Raava and Vaatu:

If one of them destroyed the other, the little part of the light or darkness in them would grow over time until they reformed again.  I feel there is a way around this.    If you were to kill both of them at the exact same time they would probably cease to exist forever.  Because they wouldn't be able to use each other to reform over time.

Why I think their might be an omnipotent deity in the avatar world:

Raava claimed that she had a purpose and that purpose was to keep Vaatu from spreading his chaos around the world.  But Vaatu doesn't seem to think he has a purpose, he just wants to spread chaos for his own enjoyment. So where does this notion of destiny even come from? Did Raava just happen to see Vaatu one day and decide she wants to police him forever?  Or was their a higher being that told her to do this?  I honestly feel it's the latter, but it's mostly based off the fact that Vaatu doesn't seem to believe he has a purpose, he just wants to spread chaos for the hell of it.  

We also got to keep in mind that this is a show created by westerners who are merely borrowing ideas from other cultures and mixing it with ours.  They could very well combine the concept of western beliefs with eastern ones.  Avatar apparently borrows a lot from ancient asian culture, but I don't really know a whole lot about their culture.  I think they believed in spiritual and worldy balance, I would love to be corrected if I'm wrong though.  But yea I know more about western beliefs and the dominate religion in the United states is Christianity, and believing in a single all powerful omnipotent deity.  I'm not saying I agree with these beliefs but they do make for an interesting discussion to say the least.  Since this is a show that combines easer and western elements, I think it's logical to think they would combine beliefs as well.  They can do this by making an all powerful deity trying to police the universe and keep it in balance through spiritual means.


Well that's pretty much all I have to say about this.  Well I know I said it before but I should reiterate that this is my first blog post and I hope I didn't do too badly.  And be sure to tell me how you feel about this, I would love to hear everyone's thoughts, even if they might be extremely critical...

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