• Phantom404

    Hi, I'm Phantom.

    July 4, 2012 by Phantom404

    So I just thought I'd make an indtroduction blog.

    I finally decided to make a wiki account after several anon edits on here. I figured I could socialize with the fandom some and become more contributive on here.

    Where to start? Perhaps a little bit about myself.

    I was always a fan of A:TLA from the very start. I remember watching the first episode the night it premiered. I followed the series thuroughly, although I never really interacted with the fandom online then because I had little internet access. I always loved the original series but never followed it much after it ended. I was ecstatic to hear about The Legend of Korra back in 2010, but I still wasn't very interactive with the fanbase.

    My interest in the franchise grew recently when T…

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