Now even though Im kinda lazy I`ve decided to make a blog post about: why the bending in LOK isnt weak ? Feel free to comment and stuff

Now I`ve done some thinking and I`ll give reasons why the bending in LOK isnt weak. I` ve thought that I can relate bending with the science concept of pressure. ( Simple science here) Pressure is (P) is = force (F) / Surface (S). So pressure is F/S (N/M2). If we have a force and we execess on a surface and we get a P= X ( we dont know). If we take the same force and excess it on a smaller surface the pressure is higher ( simple math here). That means if we have the same force the larger the surface the lower the pressure, the smaller surface higher pressure. Example take a balloon, excess a force with your hand on a balloon, it wont pop. Excess the same force with a needle BAM.

So enought with the science what has this gotta to with bending ?

Well bending is a kind of pressure. The benders release a force that will hit the opponent ( surface). Now I dont think that the benders in LOK lack in strength, I`ll talk about Lin, Tenzin and Korra ( Mako Bolin dont know). So if the surface is smaller doenst that mean that the attack is more powerful. Its true that the fighting in LOK isnt that appealing to the eye then LOK, and in ATLA the bending took bigger forms, doesnt mean it was more powerful.

Example : Korra firebending (ep1 )test and Korra at probending

Korra`s firebending test was pretty amazing, it was very enjoyable to look at. Lets take Korra`s last opponent in the test, her opponent unleashed on her a large impressive attack on her while he was running, it looked very powerful. But did you guys see how Korra just ran through it and defeated him, so the attack wasnt powerful it just looked big. Now probending, small disks small attacks. But look how easily they can knock out their opponents with those small attacks. I recently watched a scene from atla ( donnt remember the episode) and Toph threw a rock at Katara, and she freaking took it if it was a pillow. That doenst mean Katara`s body is made of iron, it means that the attack wasnt strong.

So my conclusion no benders in LOK arent weak, in fact they are much more powerful then we think. THE END

( So I hope I didnt bore you guys with my opinions, and I migh of done a lot of spelling errors)

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