A month after the season finale has aired the wiki is filled with hatred comments for both characters, I`ve given reasons why I dont hate none of those two with comments but I just wanted to make a blog and give something deeper.


Ok, if you go on Mako`s page you know what I mean, the hatred comments are everywhere. Im making it clear from the very beggining I am not a Mako fangirl, in fact after season 1 Im disapointed with his character. Its true he was a jerk to both Korra and Asami, and what he did was very wrong, but I still respect him. I respect him because he lived on the streets, with no money and raised Bolin. I know his past is not an exuse for what he did. You may say a lot of characters had a rough childhood ( Aang, Katara, Asami ) but still Mako had the hardest childhood of all. Let me tell you something about myself that maybe is the reason why I respect Mako for what he did:

I live in N. America but with origin Im from Eastern Europe. I was born in N. America, est coast, at the age of 3 my family and I mooved on the West coast. At the age of 6 we returned again at the eastern coast. At the age of 8 my family and I returned to live in Europe and at the age of 14 I return again at the east coast. We`ve always lived in pooverty at especialy these past 6 years. I lived in a 150 -year old house that was about to collapse from moment to moment, I`ve never had a room of my own. Until 4 moths ago I didnt even have a pc, my father had found an old laptop p.III windows 2000. My parents and my older brother worked from morning to midnight, I at least never had to work,the only thing my parents ever wanted from me is to be a good student. And I was , I remember I didnt even have a table to study, my back ached by hours of studying, sitting on the floor doing myhomework on a chair. I could talk 3 languages at the age of 8, thats how I studied my head off. Not to mention I dont have fancy clothes, jewerly, I dont change my hair every day, I dont have any : ipod, iphones, mp3, PS3 nintendos like most of you have. A guy asked me my number and I blushed because I dont even have a number or a cellphone. My childhood wasnt that hard, because I`ve always had my family, friends supporting me.

I had a place to stay and food to eat, but when I imagine what it would be like having no family , watching your parents getting killed right in front of you, having to work hours to be sure your little brother has food to eat. Idk I just, cant hate him. I dislike him for what he did, for being a jerk, but still.....


Korra is a different story, I dont dislike Korra at all, in fact she`s my favourite character of them all, I`ll give you the reasons. What annoys me is that people are hating on her because she`s `` arrogant, immature, selfish , weak and the worst avatar ever``

Korra is a teenage girl, that lived all her life in the SP, never got out she lived like imprissoned. I was surprised to see how strong she was as physicaly and mentaly, because belive me those kind of people are fragile. But I knew that when she would clash with the world, there`would be a change. And it was true, she clashed with the world she had break downs but I seriously do not see how that makes her, weak. Because she feared something for the first time in her life makes her weak ? Because she felt that she was a failure and she wasnt being able to help the city makes her weak ? Or does the fact that her whole world got destroyed right in front of her makes her weak ? NO not at all. In fact that makes her strong, in our lifes we all have ups and downs people, there`s always a moment when we become weak. Even under that strongest person there is an other weak side. Its easy to judge sitting before your pc or Tv screen but there is a difference between being strong and being unemmotional. Stronger people have much stronger break downs you know, but still Korra was able to stand up and over come it. To cry isnt a weakness. Imagine all that pressure she has, would failuire be an option.

Korra is a person first then avatar second. Yes a person ( welll a cartoon character but you know hat I mean) just like me and you. She has flaws just like me and you. She`s a teenager , she makes mistakes just like everybody else does. Idk but I wouldnt imagine myself in her situation, and its easy to judge her. And about her being arrogant and selfish, no she isnt. She has shown that she has that side like everybody has it, but Korra`s actions arent selfish and arrogant, she has a good heart and thats why I actualy admire her.

Its not true that she hasnt learned anything, she has learned a lot in fact, she isnt that same girl that came to RC, she has learned much. About thats scooter race everybody talks about, its not that of a bit deal. We dont even know how the situation is to judge it. It was wrong but she`s not ``abusing`` with the avatar state like most asume. It was wrong but like I said earlier she`s a person first avatar second. About the finale I seriously dont know why people call Korra a b**** because Aang gave her bending back and energy bending. Her world collapsed in front of her, and there`s nothing wrong with getting help from others or her past lifes. I mean the lion turtle gave Aang energy bending :O.

And those others that hate on Korra just because she didnt like Bolin back, thats the lamest reason to hate on hear, she made it pretty clear from the very beggining she doesnt like Bolin, and hes only her friend. Those comments `` Korra cheated on Bolin `` that doesnt even make sense.

For me Korra is amazing. I love her tomboyish personality, her guts and in fact she isnt weak at all, she`s very strong. Even though she has flaws like being hotheaded she`s willing to work on them and I think she`ll evolve and her character will develop even more step by step.

That all I have to say, but people have every right to dislike a character, you must realise no character can be liked by everybody because we all have different taste and opinions. Being critic and haing are completely different things. If you really hate Mako , Korra or maybe even both Im sorry but you might just be that kind of person that only sees the surface of things.

( I seriously have too much free time and sorry about any spelling mistakes, feel free to comment )

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