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  • Peopleonline

    A month after the season finale has aired the wiki is filled with hatred comments for both characters, I`ve given reasons why I dont hate none of those two with comments but I just wanted to make a blog and give something deeper.

    Ok, if you go on Mako`s page you know what I mean, the hatred comments are everywhere. Im making it clear from the very beggining I am not a Mako fangirl, in fact after season 1 Im disapointed with his character. Its true he was a jerk to both Korra and Asami, and what he did was very wrong, but I still respect him. I respect him because he lived on the streets, with no money and raised Bolin. I know his past is not an exuse for what he did. You may say a lot of characters had a rough childhood ( Aang, Katara, Asami …

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  • Peopleonline

    Now even though Im kinda lazy I`ve decided to make a blog post about: why the bending in LOK isnt weak ? Feel free to comment and stuff

    Now I`ve done some thinking and I`ll give reasons why the bending in LOK isnt weak. I` ve thought that I can relate bending with the science concept of pressure. ( Simple science here) Pressure is (P) is = force (F) / Surface (S). So pressure is F/S (N/M2). If we have a force and we execess on a surface and we get a P= X ( we dont know). If we take the same force and excess it on a smaller surface the pressure is higher ( simple math here). That means if we have the same force the larger the surface the lower the pressure, the smaller surface higher pressure. Example take a balloon, excess a force with…

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