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    November 14, 2009 by Pasp :D

    Hey, to people who love to write fanfics about avatar I really want to read some good ones so if you want to advertise just comment the link here. :D

    -I just want to read the fanfics that have the SAME characters in avatar and doesn't have any 'unknown' people that weren't there in the series or created.

    -Feel free to comment. ;)

    -Again. I really dont like fanfics who include persons that were not in avatar. Okay??

    -So please comment the links to your fanfics or articles.

    -You can also comment sites...

    -you can also comment the links to the fanfics that you think are great..

    I'll be reading them. :D

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  • Pasp :D

    No offense to all but I think that the anime avatar was better than the movie and will always be. First of all, the cast! I mean dev patel doesnt look like zuko! He's indie! ZUKO IS NOT INDIE. wake up people! I mean im just expressing my thoughts about it. And the other characthers too. Plus I think THEY ONLY GOT DEV SO THEY WONT WASTE MORE MONEY TO TRAIN! ITS NOT ABOUT JUST THE MONEY! I USED TO REEEEAALLLLY LOOVE AVATAR! BUT THE MOVIES GONNA RUIN IT! I ONLY SAW THE POSTER AND THE TRAILER and it's super not avatar-ish . They were baad. I HATE IT! THE ONE WHO MADE THE CAST IS BLIND!


    . SOKKA ; Jackson Rathbone's way too old for him! Sokka is supposed to be just 15! Hello? I think they just cast him because of twilig…

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