aka Pandora

  • I live in Ylisse
  • I was born on November 6
  • My occupation is being the exalt
  • I am Isn't my gender obvious guyz?
  • PandoraStar411

    The Multibender Chapter 1- Running In To Him (In Nina's POV) It was a sunny day when I met my friends. I was walking near a small stream so I can catch some fish for me and my eel hound, Nana. Nana usually helps me catch food too, since she's fast on land and water. That's why she's the perfect ransportation. Thank the Avatar that my father let me go on this journey, even though he made me promise no fire dancing.

    • flashback*

    I was running fast towards the directon of my father's part of the palace that we have. I run until I see him on his throne. "You can't do this father! I love fire dancing!" I shouted at him. He looks up from his papers that a servant brought for him and stares at me angrily. "I am your father, and I can command you what…

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