A while ago, I joined this community as "PabusamiFTW," happy to have ended my days as a simple lurker on the Wikia. To celebrate, I went ahead and wrote a prediction post of Book 2 of the Legend of Korra. Yes, it was far-fetched, but parts of it actually did come true! For example, spirits being able to morph humans, Avatar spirit and Korra's spirit being seperate entities, the two planes, one with Team Avatar and one with Tenzin and his siblings...even though in the show, Korra was on the other plane. Whatever, you get the idea. Well, after Book 2 started, I forgot my password and reverted back to a lurker. It is only now, almost a year later, that I used the "Forgot password' function and have gained access back into my account. I wanted to do something that tied back to my first post, and naturally a Book 3 prediction would suffice. Sad to say, we have little to no information on Book 3. With nothing to work with, I can't really write a prediction.

But I'm bored and I want too, so I'm caling this an "ALPHA" prediction. When we get more information, I'll go ahead and write a real full-fledged detailed prediction, but for now, tacking the word "ALPHA" to the title shall do the trick. I will write this based on released screenshots, the Book 3 Netherlands trailer, a creator interview, etc. So, uh, here we go:

~The story starts a couple of weeks after Book 2 came to a conclusion. We see vines growing up the sides of buildings, spirits roaming the streets and interfering with people's daily lives, and general chaos throughout Republic City. Korra is shown observing this, with a sad and shocked look on her face. She is dashing around the city, trying to bring peace, to no avail. The change has just been too great in too little time. When one of her attempts to settle a human-spirit dispute goes wrong, she accidentally knocks herself out. People gather around her unconscious body, with murmurs high. Spirits float above her as well. While she is out, she has a vision: an unknown figure is fighting hostile spirits off, but they just keep coming. Just as they start to overwhelm him, Korra wakes up. She discovers she is on Air Temple Island, with Pema watching over her. She explains that Korra had been brought back to the island after she was knocked out, and that Tenzin is trying to settle the unrest in the city. Korra remarks how tiring this whole process is. Pema asks her to release some of her stress, by hanging out with her friends. Korra decides to do just that.

~Tenzin is using a strange airbending technique that soothes and pacifies the spirits. He explains the people just need to have a calm energy. Spirits disperse and the people around him go about their daily lives without them. Tenzin watches, frustrated, that nobody is making an attempt to live in harmony together. He continues to stroll around the city, when a car suddenly nearly runs him over. Tenzin pursues it on air scooter only to see the driver is not in control of the vehicle and is screaming. In it's out of control rampage, the car destroys a cabbage cart and some merchant booths. Tenzin cannot stop the car, but a bunch of wires come out of nowhere and manage to bring the vehicle to a halt. A spirit flies out of the engine, into the sky. Lin Beifong reveals herself and scolds Tenzin for allowing the portals to be kept open. Tenzin tries to defend the decision, but Lin keeps on giving negatives to the whole scenario.

~Korra and Asami are sparring, as Book 3 buddies. Asami eventually wins. Korra remarks she's pretty useless without her bending, but Asami objects. She volunteers to teach Korra some moves, which Korra graciously accepts. As they begin training, they hear a scream. They run out of Asami's mansion and see a rogue mecha tank. Though Korra is able to stop it, she hears the hum as more machines of Future Industries buzz to life. It's mayhem in a few moments, with Korra and Asami doing everything to stop the crazed machines. During the fight, Korra is overwhelmed and electrocuted by a mecha tank. She hears Asami cry out for her before she has another vision: the same figure from before, but this time, he is using fire. The fire tames the aggressive spirits and the spirits then help the man. After waking up from this brief encounter, Korra notices Future Industries is still total mayhem. Vines begin to overtake the place. Korra grabs Asami and airbends out of there, claiming they'll come back later with help. Asami asks "From who?"

~Bolin is in the restroom, washing his face. Pabu jumps up besides him. Bolin reaches out to pet him, before noticing another Pabu standing in the doorway. As if that wasn't enough, another Pabu walks in through the wall. Bolin realizes these Pabu's have no reflections and screams. The Pabus then turn into spirits and fly around Bolin, as vines grow over his apartment. Korra arrives and uses waterbending to try and stop the vines from growing. This proves futile, as one vine bursts a hole in the wall, revealing a very frightened Bolin. He leaps out of the apartment to get away from the spirits, before realizing he doesn't have Pabu. He tries to rush back in, but spirits prevent him from getting into the apartment. Asami and Korra try to help him force his way in, but it's useless. Bolin cries out for Pabu, and the ferret is revealed to be caught in the vines. Bolin, seeking for a way to get Pabu out of the trap, asks Korra to burn the vines. She tries too, but feels a weird spiritual energy upon producing a flame. Dizzily, she nearly blacks out, revealing she can't firebend for some reason. Bolin resolves to go get Mako.

~Tenzin and Lin continue to bring peace to the city, through different methods. Lin aggressively drives the spirits away, while Tenzin tries to use his calm energy to calm the spirits. However, anxious and worried people keep screwing Tenzin up, causing everyone to believe Lin has the right idea. Tenzin urges Lin to stop evoking violence, to which she replies it's the only way to get the 'darned spirits' to leave. Tenzin angrily asks what the spirits ever did to her, claiming that she is scaring them. Lin's eyes narrow and she tells Tenzin he shouldn't ask questions where they don't belong. Just then, a car containing Korra, Bolin, and Asami rolls up. Korra gets out and worriedly tells Tenzin that she checked for Mako at the apartment, at the police station, even the pro-bending arena, but they can't find him anywhere. Tenzin leaves with them to Air Temple Island to reconsider their options, leaving Lin to "protect" the city.

~Shockingly enough, Mako is at Air Temple Island, claiming he came for Korra. Korra sadly remarks the city, possibly the world, has fallen into chaos and that it's all her faut. Tenzin tries to comfort her, but Korra is too upset. Bumi walks in, confused as to why everyone is so perplexed about what to do next. He claims Korra should do some weird spirit-y thingy to get answers. Korra tells Tenzin of her visons and sudden lack of firebending. Tenzin admits he has no idea what this means, but knows a person who would: a professor at Ba Sing Se academy. Flying on Oogi, they make a stop at the Southern Water Tribe along the way. There, they meet Kya, who warns them to be careful and gives Korra a vial of spirit water should anything happen. Tenzin, Bumi, Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami leave Kya and continue their quest to the Earth kingdom.

~Back in Republic City, Lin reforms her metalbending cops into a spirit extermination force. At first, they successfully drive spirits from the city. But, as the vines keep growing, more spirits keep showing up...and they are somehow adapting to the force's fighting style. Unable to do anything, the force must retreat from an encounter with a large spirit. They claim they need more troops and get tons of spirit-hating humans on their side. When their negative energy starts to turn the spirits dark, the fights begin to get more hostile. Lin, however, will not budge until Republic City goes back to the way it was.

~Tenzin gets the team into Ba Sing Se academy. It is being overtaken by vines, but somehow, the people are getting along with the spirits. When Tenzin ask how such a harmony is possible, a gentle man walks up and kindly tells him it was because of the student's intelligence to not panic and the kind atmosphere of the academy. He remarks that the more urbanized an area is, the harder a time they have adapting to the presence of spirits. Given the academy is in a more rural area of the Earth Kingdom, people are able to cope with the sudden presence of spirits. Tenzin ponders how to replicate such harmony in urbanzied areas, to which the professor comments he has a theory. He points out that respect for spirits is of utmost importance, though this is being taught less and less the more urban an area is. He remarks he is trying to get the Earth queen, Opal, to authorize Earth kingdom-wide educational parties to help smooth the transition into the "new age." Korra, supporting the idea, asks if Opal has responded. The professor remarks the meeting will take place the next day, with Korra asking to attend.

~In her sleep, a dark spirit enters Lin's house and dives into her body. Lin wakes up with a gasp, as the spirit passes through her body before letting off a menacing growl. Lin begins to fight the spirit in her own home, but it is beating her. Lin realizes she has to flee and runs away, watching as her house is overtaken by the vines. A single tear comes out of her eyes, and we get a flashback of Toph and Lin in that very same house. Lin asks where her daddy is, and Toph is looking in the opposite direction. Lin asks again, but more quitey, as if she senses something is wrong. Toph turns around, but remains silent. The young Lin's face shows fear, which fades into the current Lin's face, showing anger and frustration.

~Korra, Tenzin, and the professor enter the royal palace. Mako, Bolin, Asami, and Bumi see them off. Once they are gone, Bumi wonders how they are going to spend the day. Asami remarks she's always wanted to explore the Earth Kingdom and wants to see more of how humans are interacting with spirits. Bumi strolls off, stating he'll probably just run into something. Mako and Bolin head off and see a poster that says "Energy Training Camp! Train Your Energy!" Bolin remarks how useful that skill would be in the new age, and begs Mako to attend with him. Mako finally submits, as he has nothing beter to do. Bolin lets out a joyous SQUEE! Meanwhile, Asami notices that even in the Earth Kingdom Capital, people are getting better along with spirits than in the city. She walks into a restaurant, where humans are dining and spirits float around peacefully. Asami asks the owner how people are so calm, and she simply replies that there is a mutual respect between both parties, as spirituality is valued in Ba Sing Se.

~Bumi stumbles upon the Jasmine Dragon, which he remarks he hasn't been too since he was a kid! He eagerly runs in, and meets a firebender serving the tea. He asks Iroh's successor for her name, to which she learns it is Shinyi. After getting some tea, Bumi grins stating it's the best he's had in years. Shinyi happily comments about her gladness that Bumi enjoys it. Bumi asks for the recipe, but Shinyi says it's a secret. Not deterred easily, Bumi invites Shinyi to dinner. Shinyi comments it's a bit "sudden", but another waiter butts in, encouraging it. Against her better judgement, Shinyi agrees. Meanwhile, Mako and Bolin are striking weird poses at the energy training camp.

~Naga finds Pabu sleeping, entangled in spirit vines. She frees the ferret, and takes him to water, which Pabu desperately drinks. After noticing the abundance of dark spirits, Naga is disturbed. Pabu squeaks and runs off. Naga follows and they encounter Lin, who has a strange marking where the spirit entered her. She gingerly touches it, only to have another flashback. She cries out, but brushes it off when she notices she is being watched by the animals. After hearing screams, Lin and the animals rush towards the scene and Lin tries to fight off the spirits. However, she has a random pain where the marking is, and falls down, unable to fight. Naga gets her out of there, where Lin, shivering in agony, whispers for Katara.

~The meeting ends, successfully. Opal announces it publicly, to applause from the capital. Tenzin and Korra exchange a happy look. Opal then comments how it was Korra's idea to have similar educational forces dispersed not only through the kingdom, but through the world to make the transition easier. She says they need more people to help accomplish this, and Shinyi volunteers, to Bumi's disapproval. He complains that he won't get to see her when she's gone(as he's developed feelings for her in their brief time together.) Returning his feelings, she asks him to join her. Against his better judgement, Bumi volunteers, sparking more people to do so.

~Korra, however, is still unable to firebend. She wonders why this is. She can't sleep and decides to take a stroll. While out, she sees the professor. She happily greets him, but he doesn't respond. Just standing in place, Korra gently pokes him, to which he fall over, as if a hollow body. Korra screams in horror. The next morning, Korra, Tenzin, and Opal are talking about what could've happened to him but then a waterbender girl bursts in claiming she saw the whole thing: a dark spirit had emerged and stole his soul!! Tenzin remarks it would be odd for a dark spirit to exist in a city where there is so much peace, but the waterbender brushes him aside, claiming they needed to get rid of the spirits before this happened again.

~A metalbender bursts into Senna's hut, Naga(with Pabu on top) right behind him. The metalbender explains Lin is undergoing some sort of crisis. Naga lets Lin out of her mouth and Katara begins to waterbend. She remarks a dark energy is spreading through Lin's body and that Lin will have to conquer her darkest memories in order to reawaken. The flashback continues. Toph finally opens her mouth. "Your father...was taken by a spirit." At this news, Young Lin whimpers and begins to cry. Toph makes no move to comfort her, as she is hurt as well(but doing her best not to show it.) Toph then explains a rogue spirit was after Aang, but it took Lin's dad instead. Toph assures her she won't stop until her daddy is rescued. The scene changes to a while later. Young Lin and Young Tenzin are talking. Lin confides her worry in him, to which Tenzin said she would just have to believe Toph. Lin stands up saying she doens't want to worry anymore; she was going to rescue her dad right then. A young Lin then secretly follows her mother throughout the day. Aang says he will call the spirit to make a trade; him for Lin's dad. THe plan is Toph, Sokka, and Katara will ambush the spirit givin Lin's dad time to escape. Then, Aang would defeat it. The plan goes into action. Sure enough, the spirit comes and attacks. However, it senses Young Lin, and while it is being beat up by Toph, Sokka, and Katara, grabs Young Lin with a tendril. Lin screams, and Toph yelps, sending forth metal ropes to secure both her husband and daughter. She gets them both, but the spirit roars and uses it's strength to start and drag Toph towards it. Aang goes Avatar State to stop it, but realizes Toph and her family are too close to the spirit to destroy it without hurting them. Sokka and Katara are both grabbed in additional tendrils. Toph realizes she has too let go either her daughter of her husband, lest all of them die.

~Toph releases her husband, which the spirit absorbs, and brings Lin back towards her. Katara manages to escape using waterbending, and she tries to free Sokka, but is powerless to do so. Aang realizes too much has transpired and goes Avatar State and attacks the spirit before it could absorb Sokka. He destroys it, but in doing so, destroys Toph's husband(who had been inside of it) and hurt Sokka. Katara rushes to heal Sokka whil Lin bursts into tears. Toph, mortified, stares at Aang, as if he could do anything. Young Lin continues to sob, and cries out for her mom, who makes no move to do anything. Lin sniffs and wipes her eyes. Suddenly, older Lin wakes up, and the marking vanishes. She looks at Katara and observes the situation. When told about the increasing chaos in Republic City due to the dark spirit attacks, Lin resolves that perhaps she was wrong and that trying to destroy the spirits was the wrong answer. She recalls what Tenzin said to her earlier and decides to try and implement it. Kya volunteers to help.

~More soul-thefts later, Korra is gettnig stressed. She lashes out at Tenzin, in front of Bumi, Shinyi, Mako, Bolin, and Asami. In her rant, she mentions her loss of firebending. Hearing this, Shinyi asks about other occurrences. Shinyi tells Korra she knows what has happened, but was confused as to why the soul thefts were. WIth the help of Team Avatar, Korra devises a plan. Asami is walking the streets alone. Korra and the others are all sound asleep. Suddenly a purple water(similar to Unalaq's) overtakes Asami. The bender steps out of the shadows, revealing herself to be the waterbender girl. Suddenly, Korra, in spirit form, comes out of the shadows and punches the girl. Asami and Korra's spirit team up and successfully defeat the soul thief. Korra returns to her body and strips the girl of her waterbending.

~The next morning, Opal informs them that the educational force plan was to be disbanded. Ba Sing Se itself was falling into chaos because of fear of dark spirits that snatched soul. Though it was all a ruse by the waterbender, Korra knows how unbelievable it sounds. Shinyi then remarks about how KOrra's firebending loss may be the solution! Confused, Korra asks Shinyi how losing her firebending could possibly be a good thing. Shinyi reveals that those part of the Jasmine Dragon know of a secret land known as "Sunland" where the last of the Sun Warriors exist. She believes Korra needs to learn a new type of firebending which in itself could solve all the remaining problems.

~Shinyi leads the group to the secret Sunland and Korra meets the Sun Warriors. When Shinyi explains that Korra must learn the spiritual form of firebending, the Sun Warriors note that it will take a while. They agree to teach Korra, but only if Team Avatar respects and obeys their tribal customs during their stay. Everyone gets new uniforms: Boys(Tenzin, Bumi, Mako, and Bolin) lose their shirts and gain baggy pants and girls(Asami, Korra, Shinyi) get tribal face paint and robes to conceal their figure. The sun warriors explain Korra has lost hr firebending because the world's balance has changed: there is now so much spirituality, that the Sun itself isn't just physical anymore; now the Sun spirt plays a role. Given Korra is the avatar and hence spiritually enhanced, she has ascended from physical firebending and must now connect with the Sun spirit to regain her firebending in a spiritual form. The best part: this new firebending has the power to tame and calm spirits. The lessons start easily: Korra is mastering different stances/poses, feeling the chi within her body. Observing this, Tenzin ues this technique and himself begins to get more spiritually enhanced. The lessons progress: Korra eventually has to do the hardest step: tame a dragon using fire. Korra remarks she still hasn't gotten her firebending back in full capacity, but is forced to face a dragon anyways.

~During the fight, Korra is on the run and scared. She uses the Avatar State, to no avail. The dragon is still attacking. She tries fire, but only produces a measly puff of smoke. Bolin, Mako, and Asami watch in fear from the sidelines. Tenzin tells them to have faith. Finally, Korra is cornered. She tries fire again and fails...the dragon lunges at her and bats her aside. She hits her head on the ground and has another vision: the figure is now staring her in the face. He is holding out a glowing orb. Korra takes it, and the figure is illuminated, revealing a normal looking guy. Korra asks him who he is, but he simply vanishes. Korra, holding the orb, wonders what to do with it, until she accidentally absorbs it. Waking up, Korra sees a dragon coming at her ferociously. She tries fire again, and succeeds. THe dragon stops attacking and watches the flames. Korra then uses the fire to perform an extravagant dance, pleasing and taming the dragon. Everyone cheers her on. Korra grins, her firebending restored. Tenzin then reveals that by studying the Sun Warrior's ancient ways, he as been able to translate the technique into airbending, developing a new sub-element of air: spirit taming.

~Returning to the Earth Kingdom, Tenzin and Korra use their techniques to show the spirits are nothing to fear. The chaos subsides and Opal announces the Education force program is to be relaunched. Shinyi and Bumi volunteer again. Leaving Shinyi and Bumi in the Earth kingdom, Tenzin, Bolin, Mako, Asami, and Korra head back to Republic City. They are shocked too see dark spirits ravaging the place. Lin and Kya are doing everything to restore balance, but are failing. They ask desperately for Team Avatar's help. Korra and Tenzin assist Kya in calming the spirits, while Mako, Bolin, and Asami assist Lin in calming the humans. One big fight between humans and spirits later(finale-esque, fate of Republic City style), and Team Avatr manages to calm both parties. They announce that certain parts of the city will be lost forever and shall be dubbed the Spirit Wilds. Asami learns Future Industries happens to be a Spirit Wild and mopes about losing everything. Bolin observes this. Back on Air Temple Island, Bolin is hanging out with the animals. Mako walks in and comments about how crazy the new world is. Bolin says he understands, as he lives on Air Temple Island now(his apartment lost to the Spirit Wilds). Bolin comments he is a little scared of the new age. Mako asks if Bolin would like him to move back in with him. Bolin accepts readily. Meanwhile, Asami suddenly meets Varrick. Varrick offers to give her a position as CEO of a new company, which he likes to call "Change Industries", inspired by the events around the world. Asami quickly refuses, given that Varrick is...well...Varrick, but then Korra walks up and asks why not. Asami is confused, until Varrick explains it was Korra who brought him here and convinced him to hand over the new company. Asami hugs Korra, touched by the kind gesture, and accepts the offer.

~Korra gives another speech in Republic City announcing how even though the world is going through a huge change, she trusts people can and will adapt; she has seen it happen in the Earth Kingdom. She comments on the Education force, which will come in soon, and how the transition shall be facilitated by them. The crowd is more acceptant of the change now that the spirits are calmer. Korra eyes the crowd, and takes a breath, proud of herself. She looks up again and sees the myserious figure from her visions in the crowd. Shocked, she rubs her eyes, and when she opens them, the figure is gone...

(wow that was long)

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