Hello! My name is PabusamiFTW, a new user to this Wiki. I have been lurking around for a couple of years and decided that it's time to make an account. When I read a blog post of someone's Book 2 predictions(I forgot who, will mention later if I remember), I was inspired to post a prediction of my own. I thought of this a while ago; like, a few days after the trailer for Book 2 was released and decided to write it down. If something doesn't translate clearly from thoughts to words, let me know and I'll clarify. Here we go:

~Korra is training with Unalaq, and finds it hard to perform his technique. He demonstrates the steps and moves over and over and clarifies that one's spirit must not be rooted to the world if the technique is to work. When this still fails, Korra determines that she can't detatch herself and needs help. Meanwhile, Eska starts bringing Bolin everywhere, treating him like a pet. He states if it makes her happy, he's cool with it. Asami confronts him about going to Republic City to meet with Varrick again, and Bolin agrees. Eska misinterprets this as Bolin trying to get away from her and storms off.

~Before Bolin and Asami leave for the city, Desna confronts Bolin and warns that if Bolin ever breaks Eska's heart, then he'll suffer. Bolin, intimidated, is more than happy to leave for the city. Meanwhile, Mako is trying to be supportive of Korra and help her through her spiritual block. Korra wonders why it's so hard, given she's the bridge between worlds. Mako has an idea and recommends she asks Aang for assistance. Korra meditates long and hard, and Aang eventually shows up. The two of them have a talk and Aang tells her to be patient. When Korra angrily states that Aang is just like Tenzin, in that he doesn't understand that she can't just become spiritual in a second, Aang leaves. In Republic City, Varrick brushes off Asami and starts negotiating with Bolin; who doesn't know the first thing about business. After a comical exchange, Varrick makes Bolin his student in biz-bending. Asami claims that Bolin won't do it unless Varrick donates a small loan to Future Industries, which he agrees to easily. Asami hugs Bolin, stating that he's her new spokesperson. Back in the Southern Water Tribe, Tonraq is ambushed by evil spirits. Just as he's losing, Mako and Korra show up. After a spirit hurts Tonraq, Korra tries the works briefly, but the spirit breaks free and attacks her. Unalaq shows up and chases them away, remarking on how Korra was able to use the technique when her father was in danger.

~Bolin returns and Eska takes him by the ear and drags him off. Bolin escapes and locates Asami. He asks her for 'girl-advice,' to which she consents and tells him to be nice and caring. Meanwhile, Korra is unable to locate Mako for guidance. When she returns to Unalaq, he remarks that Aang could access the Avatar State when his loved ones were in danger and a similar effect must be taking place on Korra; her spiritual side gets stronger when she feels her loved ones are threatened. He reveals an unconscious Mako and forms an orb of water and encapsulates his head. He tells Korra to perform the technique before her boyfriend drowns. Spirits step out of the shadows. Korra panics and performs the technique flawlessly, to which Unalaq approves. When Korra questions how the spirits came when Unalaq wanted them too, he tells her that there are some things better left unsaid. Korra wakes Mako up and decides to end her training with Unalaq. Later that day, spirits attack. Bolin and Eska come out and start attacking them, but Eska is grabbed by one. It begins to escape, but Desna saves her. When Eska's bending gets stronger, Desna explains when he and Eska are near each other, their bending is stronger. Even empowered, Desna and Eska are both overpowered by the spirits. Korra and Mako rush to the scene, but a spirit tackles Korra and takes her down a hill, seperating her from the rest. It suddenly vanishes, and Korra looks over to see Unalaq. Korra and Unalaq rush up the hill and find the spirits gone, with Mako and Bolin stating that they just left for no reason. Desna and Eska are also confused. Korra agrees to resume training with Unalaq, remarking that though she may not agree with his methods, this threat needs to be dealt with.

~Varrick shows up in the Southern Water Tribe, claiming Bolin as his, and walks off with Bolin, heading for the city. Asami tags along to negotiate deals, noting that this is a good opportunity. Eska expresses her desire to go as well, but Varrick directly insults her, denoting her as 'creepy' and 'not-good for business.' Eska, offended, is about to flee to Desna. Asami glares at Bolin, to which he states "all-or-nothing deal." Eska is allowed to come. She hugs Bolin. Korra masters the technique after intense meditation. She demonstrates it easily, and thanks Unalaq. Unalaq thanks her for choosing to stick around even after he used an unorthodox method. Suddenly, he performs the technique on Korra herself, revealing that the whole time he just wanted her spirit detatched so it would be easier to seperate from her body. He then bends it into himself, thanking her for being a fool. Korra collapses, unconscious, and Unalaq approaches her, before dodging lightning. Mako comes up, firebending, and the two fight. Unalaq's eyes suddenly glow white, like the Avatar State, and spirits encircle them and attack Mako. Overwhelmed, he grabs Korra and flees from the onslaught of spirits.

~Bolin is acting more and more like Varrick the more time they spend together. He eventually starts referring to Asami as dismissively as Varrick himself, and Asami cries, hurt. She storms off, while Varrick says 'good riddance to bad rubbish,' claiming Bolin should head Future Industries. Eska stays by his side, calling Bolin 'hers' and that he must do what she says...which is go out for lunch, because she's hungry. Bolin refuses, saying he has to biz-bend. Eska refuses to eat alone and forces Bolin to choose between biz-bending and her. Bolin chooses biz-bending within a second, and orders his new servants to escort her out. Eska, eating alone, is confronted by Desna who tells her 'it's time.' The two are leaving for the Southern Water Tribe. Asami resolves to travel with Eska, as she wants some friends. Desna warns her that bad things are about to happen and she shouldn't come. Asami stays behind in the city.

~Bolin and Asami run into each other on the street. Asami confronts him about being as hurtful as he is, but he acts like Varrick again. Asami angrily yells at him at how he's being cruel and inconsiderate and doesn't care if he rots away with Varrick. Bolin taunts her about being to 'scared' to leave back to the Southern Water Tribe because of a few words, stating he has his sources. Asami starts walking away, but Bolin takes offense to how she's shrugging him off. He starts to say increasingly offensive things, until Asami snaps and, in tears, punches Bolin in the face. She tells him how she thought he was a nice and caring friend, before correcting herself. She leaves, telling Bolin to go crawling back to Varrick. Bolin does just that, and the two have a nice casual dinner to forget about the incident. Bolin recalls being at the same place with Korra and making her laugh. He suddenly realizes how stupid he's been, and leaves Varrick to eat alone.

~Asami is about to fly to the Southern Water Tribe on a prototype model of a plane, wanting to see Mako and Korra. Bolin shows up and apologizes, but Asami doesn't accept. Bolin then donates all the money Varrick gave him to Future Industries, to which Asami realizes is just the thing the company needed. She forgives him and they go back to being friends, and fly off together. When they get there, they find Unalaq the chief and spirits running wild. Desna and Eska are at his side. Aerial spirits attack the plane, and it eventually crashes. Spirits surround the crashed plane, along with Bolin and Asami in it. Suddenly, Korra, Mako, and Tonraq arrive and distract the spirits. Tonraq stays behind to distract them while Bolin, Asami, Mako, and Korra flee. Korra reveals she has lost all bending except for waterbending and her connection to the spirit world was completely cut off. Bolin remarks how bad it is, but Mako adds that Unalaq has the power of the Avatar in him and is abusing it to control the spirits. Mako reveals Unalaq wants to rule over both worlds, and with the power of the Avatar, can do it. Korra wants to see Tenzin and get advice...the four of them return to the crash sight, where Tonraq and the spirits are missing. Asami reveals she can repair the plane, but it won't be good for long; they can only stay in air for a limited amount of time before the plane becomes useless. They fly to Air Temple Island, and the plane promptly breaks down after they land. Korra has a tearful reunion with Tenzin, admitting how he was right, and explaining what Unalaq is doing. Tenzin resolves to travel to the Southern Water Tribe and to stop Unalaq, revealing that the realms are falling out of balance. Meanwhile, Unalaq opens a rift to the Spirit World and jumps in to take care of 'unfinished' business.

~Korra, Mako, Bolin, Tenzin, Kya, Asami, and Bumi fly to the Southern Water Tribe in two planes. At first Tenzin was relunctant to have his siblings come along, but decided to let them come anyway. The spirits attack the plane that Korra, Bolin, Mako, and Asami are in, and they crash. Mako and Bolin are seperated and fend off against the spirits. The plane with Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi lands near the rift. The three siblings realize what it is and that Unalaq must've gone into it and enter the rift. An injured Jinora stumbles out of the wreckage of Korra's plane, revealing herself as a stowaway. Asami protects her while Korra fends off the spirits, remarking she can't do the technique. Asami reveals she brought an electric glove, and throws it towards the wreckage of the plane, causing it to explode, scaring off the spirits. The three of them go somewhere safe, with Korra scolding Jinora. Jinora pulls out a scroll in contrast, stating that she wants to help. She reveals that her spirit has been detatched through meditation, making her airbending more powerful. She also reveals through this meditation, she can travel to the Spirit World and olnly airbenders can do it. Korra wonders if Jinora could bring her. Jinora tries, and grabs Korra's hand while meditating. The two meditate together, and Jinora enters, bringing Korra's spirit along. Korra's spirit is surprisingly light, to which Korra remarks it's because she's a fragment of her former self; her spirit was seperated from the Avatar spirit. Jinora wonders if there's a way to restore Korra's avatar power and realizes Wan-Shi-Tong's library would have the answers. Asami guards their bodies.

~Mako and Bolin make it to the rift, but Desna and Eska arrive. A short 2v2 later, and Mako and Bolin are losing. Desna makes a motion to kill Bolin, stating that it's for breaking his sister's heart, but Mako saves him by shoving Eska aside and shooting lightning at Desna. Desna's hit, and falls down. Eska's bending becomes weaker as her bending is only enchanced when Desna's awake and helping. Mako and Bolin overpower her, and Bolin reveals how sorry he is. Eska refuses his apology, and Bolin kisses her in response. Eska spits on him and reveals she has been stalling. Spirits show up. Mako and Bolin barely escape into the Spirit World. With the balance of worlds falling out of line, bending is possible in the Spirit World.

~Korra and Jinora go on a large journey, but get seperated. Jinora makes it to Wan-Shi-Tong's library, while Korra confronts Koh. Korra makes a look of horror, to which Koh sees. Korra falls to the floor, and looks at her reflection in the water; discovering her face is slowly vanishing. She crawls out of Koh's cave, and her face reappears. Koh confronts her about escaping and reveals her face rightfully belongs to him. A heated chase through the spirit world leads Korra to Unalaq. Meanwhile, Wan-Shi-Tong is chasing Jinora, but she escapes and goes into hiding. She starts crying into her lap, scared, but a knowledge seeker walks up and comforts her. Jinora reveals that both worlds are in great danger unless she figures out more about the Avatar spirit itself. The seeker runs off and returns with a book. Jinora grabs it, before Wan-Shi-Tong finds her. Jinora airbends out of the library, not even trying to fight him, and escapes. She wanders around lost, but meets a small glowing orb. She asks it where Korra is, and it leads her to Korra. Korra reveals that Koh has stolen Unalaq's face, and that Unalaq seems to be unconscious due to this effect. Korra also reveals that Unalaq was heading towards a giant staircase, spiraling downwards into darkness. Just then, Tenzin and Bumi arrive, revealing Kya has gone missing. They are acting much friendly towards each other. Jinora tells Korra about Wan; the 1st Avatar, and reads her the storybook. Korra ponders how to find Wan and Jinora asks the orb, which zooms off. Korra and Jinora struggle to keep up with it.

~Mako meets his parents in the Spirit World. They lead him to a strange cave, which he enters. Bolin gets lost in a strange grassland. In the cave, the parents reveal themselves to be fake and transform into dark and menancing creatures which dive at Mako. A short fight scene later, Mako is about to escape the cave, before the spirits extend a dark tendril, wrapping around his entire body, and pulling him back. Meanwhile, Tenzin and Bumi meet a large and scary spirit, which names itself the "Dark Spirit." It reveals that it gave Unalaq the ability to control spirits as part of a deal; Unalaq would take over the Earthen Realm with the Dark Spirit's army while the Dark Spirit would take over the Spirit World with an army of Water Tribe men. Unalaq didn't follow through and betrayed it, leaving it wounded. It sent spirits to fight Unalaq, but he kept controlling them. Bumi wants to free the Dark Spirit, but Tenzin is against it. The Dark Spirit reveals once it is at full power, it can recall its spirit army, leaving Unalaq on his own. Tenzin and Bumi argue about it, before Unalaq walks in. Korra and Jinora meet Wan's spirit, and he reveals that the only way to restore Korra's Avatar-Spirit, also restoring the cycle, is by first extracting it from Wan. Wan reveals that the technique that Unalaq used was given to him by the Dark Spirit and the only reason Korra could do it was she was the Avatar. He gives her the ability to use the technique again, telling her to reclaim the Avatar Spirit. Jinora stays with Wan to learn more and stay safe during the crisis. The orb is revealed to be Wan's animal guide. It turns back into an orb and leads Korra into the grassland that Bolin is in. Korra scolds the orb, saying she wanted to confront Unalaq, but she sees Bolin backing away from something. Mako and Kya reveal themselves, both horrendously nightmarish, due to being sort of merged with spirits of some sort. They taunt Korra and Bolin, and Korra realizes this matter is more urgent.

~Asami is spotted and attacked by a bunch of spirits, but Wan appears, through taking control of Jinora's body(like Roku did with Aang in 'Winter Solstice.') Wan fends the spirits off just as Eska and a healed Desna approach. Wan is ready to take them out, but Asami tells him to relent. She tells Eska to look around at how the world is falling apart due to the imbalance between the worlds. Eska tells her that her father wants it this way, so it must be right. Asami keeps trying to convince her how wrong it is, but Desna attacks her. Asami stands her ground, and Desna seriously hurts her. Eska tells him to stop, but he keeps going, yelling about how glorious it will be when he and Eska are at the top and nobody will make fun of them for being creepy or secluded. Eska goes silent, and Asami reveals that Bolin was being manipulated by Varrick. Eska flashbacks to the kiss, and freezes Desna. She joins Asami, and Wan sends Desna away with a giant air blast. Wan tells them to go the Spirit World and help Korra. Wan guards Korra's body while Asami and Eska jump into the rift.

~Tenzin and Unalaq fight, but Unalaq uses the Avatar State and overpowers him. Bumi frees the Dark Spirit, and it and Unalaq get into a fight. Tenzin, barely conscious, scolds Bumi, but he jumps onto the Dark Spirit, riding it like a wild man. He assists it against Unalaq. The orb leads Asami and Eska to Kya, Mako, Bolin, and Korra. Mako has grabbed Korra and her body begins to morph, resembling his. Asami saves Korra, and Eska saves Bolin. Bolin thanks Eska and Korra decides to assist Tenzin while Mako and Kya are distracted. The orb leads her away, but Mako chases her. Bolin tackles him, and he starts morphing Bolin. Eska rushes over to help, but Kya jumps in the way. They have a waterbender duel whiel Asami tries to save Bolin. It's too late and Bolin is converted. Kya bends any water Eska throws at her and freezes Eska, before converting her. Asami starts to run, but the spirit-zombies chase after her, laughing.

~Korra walks in and finds Tenzin unconscious and Bumi and the Dark Spirit fighting Unalaq. Unalaq's Avatar State is overpowering them. Korra tells them to let her handle it and uses the technique, and Unalaq turns gold. Korra gets her Avatar Spirit back. Happily, she helps up Tenzin, but the Dark Spirit promptly rushes forwards and kills Unalaq. It laughs, calling them fools and that it intends to seize upon the imbalance and take over the mortal world by resummoning its army. Korra uses the technique on the Dark Spirit, but is transformed into a spirit-zombie, like Mako and Bolin. The Dark Spirit reveals that it is more powerful. Asami, Bolin, Mako, Kya, and Eska, still zombified, morph the weakened Tenzin and Bumi. Korra opens a portal for the Dark Spirit to go through. They all go through it, and Korra's spirit returns to her body. She awakens next to Wan, who energybends her. Un-zombified, she and Wan go after the Dark Spirit. Korra tries the technique once more, and this time, it works. The Dark Spirit walks back into the rift, and Wan closes it, before leaving Jinora's body. Korra's friends become normal once more, and they all thank her. She claims she has some help, thinking of Wan. Korra and Mako kiss. Bolin is about to kiss Eska again, before she abruptly stops it, saying she wants to look for her brother. She leaves, while Bolin joins a small celebration of the crisis being over. Timeskip to one month later, and Varrick is in the Southern Water Tribe. Bolin turns him away, to Asami's approval. Asami also reveals Future Industries is booming and back on top, thanks to some funding from Bolin's donation. Eska is appointed as new chief of the North, and breaks up with Bolin to manage this. Korra and Mako are still in a relationship, and Asami manages Future Industries. Tenzin kicks Bumi out of the Air Temple, and he returns to the United Forces. Jinora also shows up, with tatoos. Korra congratulates her.

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