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August 7, 2013
  • PabusamiFTW

    A while ago, I joined this community as "PabusamiFTW," happy to have ended my days as a simple lurker on the Wikia. To celebrate, I went ahead and wrote a prediction post of Book 2 of the Legend of Korra. Yes, it was far-fetched, but parts of it actually did come true! For example, spirits being able to morph humans, Avatar spirit and Korra's spirit being seperate entities, the two planes, one with Team Avatar and one with Tenzin and his siblings...even though in the show, Korra was on the other plane. Whatever, you get the idea. Well, after Book 2 started, I forgot my password and reverted back to a lurker. It is only now, almost a year later, that I used the "Forgot password' function and have gained access back into my account. I wanted…

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  • PabusamiFTW

    Hello! My name is PabusamiFTW, a new user to this Wiki. I have been lurking around for a couple of years and decided that it's time to make an account. When I read a blog post of someone's Book 2 predictions(I forgot who, will mention later if I remember), I was inspired to post a prediction of my own. I thought of this a while ago; like, a few days after the trailer for Book 2 was released and decided to write it down. If something doesn't translate clearly from thoughts to words, let me know and I'll clarify. Here we go:

    ~Korra is training with Unalaq, and finds it hard to perform his technique. He demonstrates the steps and moves over and over and clarifies that one's spirit must not be rooted to the world if the technique is to work. Wh…

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