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The latest episode in Legend of Korra, "The Voice in the Night", has been gaining a lot of attention because of its new introduced character, Asami Sato. Before actually watching the episode, I was already spoiled by comments in Mako's article about the makorra ship being ruined by a girl named Asami. It made me curious as to who she is, and after watching episode 4, I now get why makorra shippers are expressing their anger on her (and her article). I never hated Asami, but as a makorra shipper myself, watching the episode kind of made me sad but in the end, I thought, "I guess Asami and Mako kind of look good together.", though I won't give up on my makorra ship (because of some trailers that were shown before). In the meantime, I'll be visiting the borra ship and the masami ship.

I hope the next few episodes would explore more about the past. Seeing the gaang made me so happy! And also, I hope I can see more of Mako/Bolin's past (like a flashback) and also Amon's because that would be awesome!

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