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As if the recent run of news wasn't enough, now we have the creators making their way back into the public eye with some upcoming panels:

On 26 June, Mike DiMartino will be appearing at the Barnes & Noble Grove in Los Angeles along with writers from a few other shows - though I'm not sure this will turn up much, it's definitely worth noting.

But the big story is the pending panel for LoK at San Diego Comic Con '13 - Bryan is of course not allowed to reveal details, but he is saying "that [they] have a lot planned over more than one day, so hopefully those of you in attendance will be able to take part in one or more of our things that [he's] not allowed to announce!"

What do you think? Could the evasive release date finally be on the way? We'll have to find out in July!

Source - courtesy again to BluePandaSpirit

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