Click to this article from Comic Book Resources - you will see how The Promise and The Search writer Gene Luen Yang answered a series of fan questions at WonderCon Friday - but that's not all. Within, you can see the cover for The Search Part Three, in addition to a preview page for The Search Part Two, which comes out 10 July!

In the preview page, we see Ursa awaken Azula, urging her to end this mission, telling her Zuko's claim to the throne is his destiny. What could this mean, especially with the ongoing debate if Zuko is really Ozai's son, or that of Ursa's former lover, Ikem, and if his claim to the throne is legitimate? What do you think?

But for now, enjoy these new pieces of information! I credit the anonymous user who posted the link to the article in comments on The Search article - whomever you are, thank you for bringing this link to us!

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