This is an idea I've had on my mind for 24-36 hours or so....

I will be officially making my fanon debut next week. This will not be a big fanon, but a short piece with a few chapters. The working title is "Engagements".

Basically, it is a few years after the War. Two reationships on which the show ended with are going strong -- Maiko and Kataang. Right now, the men of each relationship are starting to feel quite content with their situations. They really enjoy spending their days with their women. But, they have yet to make a commitment. After some thought, crafting, and final dates, things are about to advance for the Maiko and Kataang relationships. What will Zuko and Aang do to get their loves to marry them? Will it work?

This fanon is currently under construction in my sandbox. Here's what I'll give you for now:


Maiko, ~103 AG

Kataang, ~104 AG

3 chapters for each


Sukka -- 50/50 chance, since I'm not the biggest fan of it, but it is a canon ship


Possible pair for Toph -- About 5-10% chance because Toph didn't have a canon ship

But there you go. I am aiming for middle of next week for the first chapter, chapter 1 of Maiko, between June 8th-10th, and I will release the chapters as they come, hoping for within 5-10 days of each other.

UPDATE, 21:06 EDT 2 June 2011

It's out!

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