As I work on the related transcript, I got the full watch of it 3 days ago on DVD.

Great episode. And one of my favorite moments occurring within.

The plot was well-done by the writers to set the episode up. They introduced Ying and Than early on, giving us an indicator of what we would be dealing with.

Bringing in Suki was a nice touch. I would have maybe expected it in Ba Sing Se, but it's good nonetheless. It revealed in full to us the new side of Sokka as well. And it was key in showing how far their feelings for each other have advanced to this point in the series. Sokka was able to detach himself from Yue (Well, sort of...) and move into a new relationship.

But the real storyline I enjoyed was with Aang. He began this episode feeling really down and sort of apathetic. I'm sure a lot of us can relate. He wouldn't even accept Katara's compassion at first. But eventually he was able to turn himself around seeing the beautiful new life that entered the world in the latter stages of the episode. And the moment him and Katara shared with the hug was a very emotional one. I will admit -- if any moment was to put me on the verge of tears in this show, this would be one. Very moving scene, and it showed the continued advancement of the Katara/Aang relationship.

And the stage for the next episode was set brilliantly.

Grade: 10/10

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