I of course decided not to go with my first idea which I figured would not work.

Here's the idea:

As you know, aging leaders in Egypt and Libya have/had been in power for a long time. The people had enough, and revolted. As you know, Mubarak in Egypt lost power and resigned. Gaddafi in Libya is still in power but is struggling to hang on.

So where does this go from here?

The working title of this Fanon is Battle Against The Revolt. It takes place 50 years after the end of ATLA. Zuko, age 66, is celebrating his golden anniversary as Fire Lord. But, the people have grown tired of his rule. After being liked across the Fire Nation for many years, people think his rule has gotten old. A group of firebenders have started to revolt. Zuko struggles to keep control of things in his later years, being not as strong as he was at age 16. He calls on his old friend, Avatar Aang, age 62. But Aang has grown weak himself thanks to his substantial use of the Avatar State with those 100 years in the iceberg. Aang and other old members of Team Avatar, Sokka (66), Suki (65), Katara (64), and Toph (62) will try and help. They will also have their own children work for them as well. More to come as I can allow. I'm hoping to start this weekend.

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