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    July 7, 2015 by PSUAvatar14

    They say that nothing lasts forever.

    Eventually, we all find the time to move on from what we liked to do, pursue other interests, head on to the next phase of our lives. You just look elsewhere and find yourself leaving a previous aspect of your life in order to go for it.

    For me, that finite time we all ultimately have on this wiki has come to an end.

    Almost 4 1/2 wonderful years have passed me by on this wiki. I've done a lot, I've seen a lot. I've made friends - some of the best friends I've ever had, really! - and I've had a lot of positives to take out of this site. I've learned more about editing and writing articles, I've learned how to write stories, I've increased my knowledge of grammar, I've learned better ways to interact with ot…

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    NOTE: These titles are not yet confirmed. Official confirmation will be awaited.

    Special thanks to for finding it first -

    Here, from NickandMore, we have a tweet announcing the first four titles of the upcoming Book Two of LoK:

    NickandMore tweet

    The episodes being:

    • 201: Rebel Spirit (as we already know ofc)
    • 202: The Southern Lights
    • 203/204: Civil Wars (Two-part special)

    Hmmm...Civil Wars. Perhaps this is an internal WT conflict as others have speculated?

    Guess we'll have to see.

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    Announced by Nick Animation Studio on Tumblr and confirmed through Michael DiMartino:

    Episode one of Book 2 will be screened in its entirety at San Diego Comic-Con. So, if anyone is going - congratulations! You have a jump-start on Book 2!


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    The title says it all - the Book Two experience is now out there!

    Already collected via Tumblr...this is of course a rather significant break for Book Two - it is the first title card for the pending Book - chapter one being titled "Rebel Spirits"...[Source: Cast bender Blog]

    See here

    Any other interesting details? Feel free to post in comments! -Sincerely, someone lacking Apple products

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    Credit: for the original link

    As if the recent run of news wasn't enough, now we have the creators making their way back into the public eye with some upcoming panels:

    On 26 June, Mike DiMartino will be appearing at the Barnes & Noble Grove in Los Angeles along with writers from a few other shows - though I'm not sure this will turn up much, it's definitely worth noting.

    But the big story is the pending panel for LoK at San Diego Comic Con '13 - Bryan is of course not allowed to reveal details, but he is saying "that [they] have a lot planned over more than one day, so hopefully those of you in attendance will be able to take part in one or more of our things that [he's] not allowed to announce!"

    What do you think? Could the evasive release date…

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