I have a warning for this site.  I am from Arthur Wiki.  There are users using various allies.  We call them sockpuppets.  This user is using the real name Jeriah Ross.  He is a repeat offender.  He already have 4 other allies including the names ArthurComedyDW, KorralsBack, Jeriah02 and DetectiveSokka.  Including his current allies Aardvarkious.  They are all made by the same user.  Like I wrote earlier, the way to find out that it is a sockpuppet is that he puts his real name Jeriah Ross.  This is a warning and you may take it in anyway you want, but this user is a repeat offender.


There been user who do not believe my warning and of corse they have the rights but the proof is in the pudding.  First thing he will use a different name all the time, but what gives him away is his real name.  Here is the users name he uses.  Jeriah02 and DetectiveSokka are have very simalar header both say AKA Jeriah Ross, both say they are from Humble, Texas,  Both say there occupation is Student, both say they are born on November 11, And finally both say they are Male.

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