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  • Originalavatarnerdling

    So, there is a man known as "The Guy with the Glasses", a nostalgia critic who posts short reviews of numerous television shows and movies. Currently, he is reviewing the ATLA original series as a first timer to the Avatar world and all it has to offer, and if that isn't exciting enough, he also gives us a look back into our pasts as to what we might have thought and raved when seeing an episode for the VERY FIRST TIME. You know...before we all became HUGE NERDS!

    Now, he is a new face to the world of Avatar and he sometimes gets a few names and facts wrong, but didn't we all the first go at ATLA? Seeing as though a few users (me included) are hooked watching Doug Walker review ATLA through the eyes of a professional reviewer/ virgin-eyed AT…

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  • Originalavatarnerdling

    So, this is basically a forum to argue and discuss different approaches I could go about while doing the Fanon.

    I urge all of you who read this Blog to PLEASE give me some feedback on the topics that I ask about, and I wouldn't mind it the least little bit if any of you guys were to input your own discussions here on this page as long as they are relevant and arguable.


    • Ty Lee and her sisters
    • Jet and Videl
    • Lugh, Kanna, Ramen, and Chi
    • Huyan and Sukka
    • Sokka's grandkids
    • Malu
    • Lee
    • Maybe even someone that I didn't even list yet, or maybe someone that you think should join the Fanon?

    Were some of the meager updates on certain characters just not enough for you guys? Do you need to see these characters more? Let me k…

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  • Originalavatarnerdling


    June 16, 2012 by Originalavatarnerdling

    There needs to be a location where people can post fan art. Apperantly, only serious "actual" images are accepted, but sometimes the Fan art is just fun to look at...

    There needs to be an image page dedicated solely to FAN ART!

    ~without the complicated Upload rules....

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