I originally created this discussion, (which im sure has been created before) in the forums section and on my personal blog. I decided to make it a blog post here instead because I believe it will do better than there.

My question for the wikians is this: Who do you believe is the strongest and most powerful Non-Bender in the AtLA series? Who would beat all else in a combat situation? For the sake of this post I am exluding LoK because the equalists are quite powerful, as they have had the advantage of developed techniques and superior technology. I know this limits the selection and i aplogize for that. I just feared that the argument, "well asami could just electrified glove 'em", will trumph the selections.

While formulating your answer i encourage you to consider styles and match-ups. Please consider how your choice would fair in a hypothetical battle against another non-bender of great skill. Try to remember all the hand-to-hand and weapons experts throughtout the series. Feel free to just throw a name out there and hopefully the debates will begin naturally.

As flashy and fantastic as benders are, those without that gift deserve some attention as well!

I appreciate any comments, as this is my first blog post on the site!

heres some ideas

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