So, we have our theories on Mai and Azula, but what about Ty Lee? She was a major character who just seemed to
Sato family

Mrs. Sato- Ty Lee's daughter?

dissapear once Legend of Korra started!

I've heard alot of theories, most of which I have listed.

Note: These are not my opinions or theories (though a few are). They are theories that, so far, have no merit.


  • Do you think got settled down someone we are familliar with?
  • Did she marry Haru?
  • Did Ty Lee end up with Sokka? (You have to admit, she liked him.)
  • Do you think she married a character we haven't seen yet?
  • Is she Asami's grandmother?
  • Is she Pema's mother?
  • Is Ty Lee the Lieutenant's (A.K.A. Mustache Man) mother/grandmother?
  • Did she stay with the Kyoshi warriors and teach them all to Chi-Block?
  • Did Ty Lee continue to be a Kyoshi warrior?
    Ty Lee and Kyoshi Warriors

    Ty Lee and two other Kyoshi Warriors

  • When (and if) Suki left the Kyoshi warriors to move to Republic City with Sokka, did Ty Lee become the leader of the Kyoshi warriors?
  • Did she leave the Kyoshi warriors and go back to the circus?
  • Did she know Amon?
  • Did she leave memiors about her life (along with her Chi Blocking ability) that were somehow recovered by Amon?
  • Did she, or one of her offspring train the equalists how to Chi-BLock?
  • Did one of the Kyoshi warriors she trained somehow team up with Amon or the equalists?

If you have a theory to add, even if it sounds silly, comment, it might not be as unbelieveable as you think.

Don't forget to comment and let me know what you think!

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